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Make Money with Bitcoin: A Guide to Earning Bitcoin by Watching Ads

ADS EARN BITCOIN: Your Ultimate Solution for Effective Advertising and Traffic Generation!

Video transcription

Hi, guys just be in the UK with a video for you on the ads Bitcoin Channel. It is where are we at 109 p.m. It’s Sunday, the 9th Feb, and I will say here to start with, apologies, have you heard any background noise? As you know, I’m in the UK – and we are getting better today by storm than have you pronounce it Chiara Cara, but it’s hitting Ireland and the UK pretty heavily. We’ve got about 90 miles, hour winds going on and it’s just lashing a gale out there at the minute. So apologies if you do hear your noise in the background, but I’ve got a crack on and got this video done. So, let’s sort of dive in I have mentioned this particular platform on numerous videos connected with other programs where I’ve spoken about ways of getting traffic over to your offers to other programs you may be in, and this one is ideal because effectively there are two ways you Can play it, you can either come in and you can become a member of the site. There are different membership packages.



Discover the Benefits of ADS EARN BITCOIN – Your Ultimate Solution for Real Traffic and Earnings!

You get other benefits, there are ways of obviously getting earnings from those memberships in the platform. But if you are someone who just wants to look somewhere where you can safely go, and buy advertising no you’re going to get real people viewing your web pages. Instead, there are a lot of programs out there that promise to send you quality traffic, but at the end of the day, often is crap, because it’s BOTS traffic, it’s not it’s, not even real people, viewing your room viewing your ads, so this one is actually owned by A guy called Jim watts and what I’ll do I’ll quickly show you? His page got a YouTube channel there, and the early birds are one of the other platforms that he has. The guy’s been online with various platforms full-time for over four years. The other one is team builder BTC, which also do promote and is the reason that this sort of platform came about where we had the other platforms. Ie, the team builder BTC, also the 4-ways marketing page – is another one that just got there.

PTC As A Solution: How ADS EARN BITCOIN Offers Quality Traffic for Your Promotions

That’s my particular page. There. Obviously, you’re looking to get traffic back to these programs and sites that we are promoting via these pages and I think, as a group, there are quite a few of us in the team. Eb, the early bird team build group and everything and we were all finding that. So many you know ad sites out there were just scamming people out. They take your money and they’re, actually giving you nothing, there’s no quality traffic, So Jim sort of decided right enough. We’ve all lost money to the scammy sort of ad platform. So why don’t we sort of create? You know our own traffic site and hence that’s how PTC was born. Now, when we go into this, you might recognize the script, because obviously, most platform owners are going to use a script from various companies. This one is a titan script. There are some other new programs that have suddenly appeared in it over the last few months that use the same…

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