Is this the FUTURE? Laptop powered 100% by smartphone

Is this the FUTURE? Laptop powered 100% by smartphone

Obviously I had to stop by the razer booth at CES this year just to see what kind of crazy concept project they had this time and of course they did not disappoint with their new project Linda this is pretty interesting and I’m really curious to hear you guys as thoughts on this one so be sure to blow up that comment section when you get a chance.

Basically what we’re doing here is we’re integrating their razor phone with a custom laptop dock and it’s essentially supposed to bring your mobile experience into the form of a laptop I mean basically the laptop itself is more of a dummy computer it doesn’t really have much in it other than a battery it’s using the phone’s processing power for pretty much anything,

Which means the laptop does not work without the phone but that also means that it doesn’t need any ventilation or fan so it remains completely silent doesn’t even need speakers because it just uses the razor phone speakers which as we all know from all the reviews are really freaking good. So that’s kind of cool it’s very light very silent and it does contain a battery, however, the laptop docks so you could charge your phone while it’s docked, I don’t know exactly what the milliamp hours are they weren’t really clear on that or they haven’t really decided or settled on a battery solution, but it’s likely that the battery will be user serviceable.

Which is a huge plus there’s also a built-in antenna booster just to keep the service disruption to a minimum and improve signal overall after all you are putting a phone inside of a giant hunk of metal the laptop dock essentially uses the same chassis as the razor blade stealth although it’s a little bit thicker on this portion.

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Here just to keep flush with the phone the dock itself is using USB 3 I’m time husb through a USB type-c which is of course the same port as the phone itself you get a full sized RGB keyboard with nice chiclet-style keys and them’ve actually replaced the F bar at the top with with a bunch of Android functions that users of the platform will likely find handy as well that’s pretty cool now as you might safely assume the phone can be used… Watch video for full tutorial

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