The Shocking Revelation Of Is Bitcoin A Bubble? | CNBC.

The size and scale of this initial rally we've seen in Bitcoin stepping away from yesterday versus other stock market rallies. Is what put it that in perspective, I mean in stock market terms this is off literally off the charts.

We-we ran a chart where we compared what we've seen in the last year of a Bitcoin that was excluding yesterday's a glorious move and the top year of the Nasdaq bubble.  You can barely even see it's like a horizontal line for the Nasdaq bubble.

You're talking about more than 800 percent versus 100 percent so in terms of stock market, there's just no example of any stock market of any breadth doing anything remotely.

If you begin to look into commodities which are more like what people perceive Bitcoin this sir as being they don't have a yield or you know their value is to some extent to the value in there in the eye of the perceiver then again it's still pretty much off the charts a gold or silver.

Apart from when you bring in tulip bulbs which are done a lot of analysis on which are also commodities of a kind, yes if you look at the tulip mania in Holland in the 1600s there were a number of things that were very similar to dips.

Were new to Europe at the time there were such things as tulip derivatives you could get certificates for taking control of JUnit, they changed the regulations there was a constriction and supply and yes you saw the final a few months of the tulip craze.

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You did see a rise that was even greater than what we've seen in the last year or so in Bitcoin I have to say there were a couple of phases earlier in Bitcoin development when it was a much smaller amount of money at stake.

With me more or fewer deeds match tulips but that's the one example you can come up with them any significant and of course we know how that the tulip bulb right ended which was with a catastrophic fall of gold now if we try and work out some of the possible reasons that could justify this huge run-up in Bitcoin.



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38 Thoughts to “The Shocking Revelation Of Is Bitcoin A Bubble? | CNBC.”

  1. Tulips eventually offered unlimited supply
    Bitcoin does not.

  2. That would be the cronie stock market. I guess I understand why MSM likes to put bitcoin down. It will be much harder to be corrupt with bitcoin than our current mess. Too much meta-data. Like what will take Killary down.

  3. buy it trade it spend it yet where… on the up and up

  4. well btcoin is slow and old invest in new coins like BlockCAT has a limited supply big project will 15x boom easily nextweek after beta

  5. Bitcoin (and Blockchain in general) will cause tech and financial revolution (Web 3.0),
    which revolution Tulip bulb caused? Black Plague?

    Bitcoin has been around for 8 year and is inherently scarce (only 21 million can ever be made), made no mistake, we are living in Digital Age.

  6. Bitcoin is not in a bubble, we just need a correction for that amazing run.

  7. the ones pushing this agenda are the central banking system and big banks. it's not a bubble; it's an alternative to the current monetary system. unlike other currencies it's a better investment because it's not being inflated.

  8. Did you miss the bitcoin boom?? I always advice people to create a wallet with various different cryptocurrencies. And Firstcoin is a good one to have. But what makes Firstcoin even more interesting is the firstcoin club where you can get up to 8% monthly interest on top of the value rise.Hello , have you guys heard of firstcoin yet?

  9. Bubble? Currencies are the bubble. Zero interest, unfunded liabilities, 20 Trillion Debt, printing to pay interest, Russia, India taking gold / Chinese’s currency, give me a break. I won’t sell mine, I’ll use mine, I’ll pay taxes on my bitcoin.

  10. The rise of the typical monetary system is metered and steady. Even in the big crashes that hurt our economy we never saw what bitcoin is doing in a couple of hours. We're talking about a recent 30% decline in what an hour? before that a 50% increase over some days? 1000%+ in a year? That's not a currency the current value of bitcoin is totally based on speculation. Sure there is a place for cryptocurrency…but this inflated price has got to break. You use dollars etc because if you buy bread today you expect to be able to buy bread at the same amount over a longer horizon tomorrow. Imgaine buying bread with bitcoin and an hour later you can't even buy a turd how about in a couple of minutes?

  11. N J

    neo is the altcoin we all need

  12. CNBC is missing the story with all the bubble talk and tulips… the real story is the technology that is going to disrupt banking, stocks and commodities. I guess you could shut cryptocurrency down by closing down the internet, blocking websites, leaning on ISPs to throttle an exchange's bandwidth or saying it is illegal to own it. But that would be like making it illegal to sell books on the internet 10 years ago because it threatened Barnes and Noble's bricks and mortar. Cryptocurrency will slowly evolve over years and replace the current systems once Banks and the Government understand how it will be used to their advantage. Money and cost will always be the driving factor.

  13. J M

    It's funny how they call such a technological advancement and all of this infrastructure a tulip bubble. This is going over their heads entirely, I didn't think I'd be surprised but wow, it's like no one can get off their lazy behind and look remotely into it. They just analyze the charts and go by hearsay.

  14. Bitcoin will be the mark of the beast…….

  15. Bubble or not there are scaling issues. Bcash? not sure if that's the solution..more forks? maybe… But wait until people find out about iota – 0 transaction fees, faster and more reliable with more people on the tangle network, incredible partnerships… Only a handful of coins will emerge as the main crypto but until then only invest what you are willing to lose, be patient, and set goals for yourself and cash out little by little to lock in profits.

  16. small bubble/correction needed

  17. hoarding of bitcoins ..or for that matter anything that can be represented or converted to physically in the physical world.. will always lead to a crash of some sort. bitcoin is..and should always be idea.. never touching the sphere of physicality.. at best it could be only useful in conversation during a negotiation in trading something real.. essential barter trading.

  18. Where is the best place to buy tulips anyone?


  20. Bitcoin is infinite and will rise like a stair way to't cant stop it. the only way to stop it is to find out who is the creator and yet, who is the creator?

  21. If you want to get $10 worth of free bitcoin use my referral code when you sign up for coinbase. Not a scam, I just want $10 of free bitcoin too!!! Good for both of us!

  22. Bitcoin will never BE a bubble. Tulips weren't a bubble. Their value was in a bubble. Bitcoins value tends to bubble up and simmer down, but that doesn't make the whole THING a bubble. The language they use is either intentionally misleading, or woefully stupid.

  23. Lmao not only bitcoin a bubble, it's a fraud

  24. The comparison to the tulip mania in the 1600s is so stupid!

  25. Future is now old man, cryptocurrency is the future

  26. I don’t know enough about bitcoin to determine wether it’s in a bubble or not. I also don’t know enough about it to justify the significant increase in valuations it’s been experiencing. What I do know is that over the past two weeks or so i have heard people who have no in-depth knowledge of investing or trading and no previous background in the financial markets giving advice on the matter stating, “you should be buying bitcoin” or “bitcoin looks to be a good investment”. These people have no understating of the difference between investing and speculating all they know is that they are seeing something (Bitcoin) going up in price on a grand scale and they want to ride the momentum up. I’ve heard that when the average Joe is giving stock picks or in this case Forex trade advice you may be in bubble territory. I wouldn’t speculate or trade with anymore than 5% of my investable cash reserves if I was a sound trader in this. Just my opinion I could be wrong.

  27. The stock market and bond market is a bigger bubble than bitcoin.

  28. Beware of these fear mongers. Get your bitcoin now before the elite buy it up. Bitcoins going no where. Everyones had the same opportunity to buy.

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  30. What I wanna know is .. When people are buying bitcoins they are paying for it with local currencies like the US$ .. where does that end up?! Does it go to the bitcoin exchanges, does it go to the mining companies .. where does it go?? The cost of handing out bitcoins to the intermediaries is the cost of people cashing out on bitcoins through the same intermediaries. When more and more bitcoins are being purchased, the intermediaries are laughing all the way to the traditional banks as they rake in the US$ profits. If this is not a ponzi scheme I do not know what is! On the other hand, government which prints money also pay for peoples' wages, infrasturcuture for society and social security. What does Bitcoin do for the world? Is Bitcoin going to pay me a pension or is Bitcoin going to give me medical treatment if I am sick like a government does? If this global currency is adopted and the role of governments diminished there will be nothing but anarchy in this world and we will all live like wild animals on this Godforsaken Earth!

  31. my bitcoin are missing……

  32. I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info

  33. Right on Monica , this guy has no idea what Bitcoin protocol is . Old fart indeed .

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