Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Overcoming Complexities in Image Recognition: Machine Learning as the Solution

In this video, we’re gon na learn, Machine Learning which is a subset of ai or artificial intelligence. One of the trending topics in the world these days and it’s going to have a lot of applications in the future here is an example. Imagine I asked to write a program to scan, an image until it’s a cat or dog. If you want to build this program, using traditional programming techniques, your program is going to get all overly complex you will have to come up with lots of rules to look for specific curves edges, and colors in an image to tell if it’s cat or dog, but if I give you black and White photo, your rules may not work they may break, then you will have to rewrite the more. I have to keep pictures of a cat or a dog from a different angle that you did not predict before solving. This problem using traditional programming techniques is going to get overly complex, or sometimes impossible.

Understanding the Basic Concept of Machine Learning in 100 Seconds

Now, to make the matter worse, in the future, I ask you to stand this program such that it’s three kinds of animals cats dogs, and horses. Once again, you will have to rewrite all those rules. That’s not gon na work machine learning is a technique to solve this kind of problem, and this is how it works. We build a model or engine and give it lots and lots of data. For example, we give thousands or tens of thousands of pictures of cats and dogs. Our model will then find and learn patterns in input later so. We can give it a new picture of a cat that hasn’t seen before and ask it. It is a cat or a dog or a horse, and it would tell us with a certain level of accuracy the more input data we give it the more accurate. Our model is going to be so that was a very basic example, but machine learning has other applications in self-driving cars, robotics language, processing, vision, processing, före casting things, like stock marketing trends, games, and so on. So that’s the basic idea of machine learning. You

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