Introducing XRP Ledger (rippled) version 1.2.2

XRP Ledger

XRP Ledger

  • Related documentation is offered from the XRP Ledger Dev Portal, for example comprehensive illustration API calls and web applications for API testing.

    Know, ask questions, and talk about

    Since XRP Ledger moves throughout the 1.0 series, we anticipate more outside donations and are eager to find that the wider XRP Ledger community grow and flourish.
    Ripple welcomes reviews about this XRP Ledger opensource codebase and impulse reviewers to disclose any problems which they might possibly find.
    Can’t take part in the consensus procedure;

  • In the event the MultisignReserve, fixTakerDryOfferRemoval along with fix1578 Amendments usually do become permitted, in that case your XRP Ledger host won’t become cluttered blocked.

    Impact of Not Updating

    • The Ripple technical operations team intends to set up version 1.2.2 to each of XRP Ledger servers under its operational control, for example confidential footprints, starting at 2:00 PM PST on Wednesday, 2019-03-06. At that moment, Ripple intends to begin voting and only this fix1578 Amendment. The installation is likely to accomplish within 4 hrs. The system needs to continue to work throughout installation no downtime is expected.
    • 1.2.2 changelog


      • Repair a technical defect at the fee escalation engine that might lead to a few payment metrics to be computed incorrectly. (4c03b3f)


      The SHA 256 for your RPM is: e846e864c273593fcfbc9b1f21c7f2cf236454fd88ab8624446f446e9df0a447
      Can’t vote alterations; and
      The next is your set of individuals who left code donations, large and small, to XRP Ledger ahead of this release of 1.2.2:


      XRP Chat Forum

      When compiling XRP Ledger in origin, you must work with a compatible variant of the Boost library. At the time of XRP Ledger variant 1.2.2, Boost 1.67.0 is demanded for the majority of platforms.

      Action Required

Should you operate a XRP Ledger server, then then you definitely should upgrade to version 1.2.2 instantly.
For other programs, please Optimize version 1.2.2 from origin.
Can’t submit or procedure trades;
Version 1.2.2 corrects a technical defect from the cost escalation engine that might lead to a few payment metrics to be computed wrongly. In certain cases this has the potential to cause the machine to crash.
We welcome outside donations into the XRP Ledger codebase. Please publish a pull petition together along with your planned changes to the GitHub job page in
Could count upon potentially qualified data.


  • For directions on upgrading XRP Ledger on supported programs, visit here: Install rippled
    The very initial log entry ought to function as shift setting this variant:Other programs
    Ripple has published version 1.2.2 of rippled, our benchmark implementation of their heart XRP Ledger server.Additional tools:The Ripple Dev Website
    Aishraj Dahal, Alex Chung, Alex Dupre, Andrey Fedorov, Arthur Britto, Bob Way, Brad Chase, Brandon Wilson, Bryce Lynch, Casey Bodley, Christian Ramseier, crazyquark, David Grogan, David Schwartz, Donovan Hide, Edward Hennis, Elliot Lee, Eric Lombrozo, Evan Hubinger, Frank Cash, Howard Hinnant, Jack Bond-Preston, jatchili, Jcar, Jed McCaleb, Jeff Trull, Joe Loser, Johanna Griffin, Josh Juran, Justin Lynn, Keaton Okkonen, Lieefu Way, Luke Cyca, Mark Travis, Markus Teufelberger, Miguel Portilla, Mike Ellery, MJK, Nicholas Dudfield, Nikolaos D. Bougalis, Niraj Pant, Patrick Dehne, Roberto Catini, Rome Reginelli, Scott Determan, Scott Schurr, S. Matthew English, Stefan Thomas, The Gitter Badger, Ties Jan Hefting, Tim Lewkow, Tom Ritchford, Torrie Fischer, Vahe Hovhannisyan, Vinnie Falco, Warren Paul Anderson, Will, wltsmrz, Wolfgang Spraul along with Yana Novikova.
    If you run a jelqing host, but don’t upgrade to 1.2.2 as so on as you can, your host might possibly undergo re-starts or outages.
  • Ripple Technical Services: [email protected]
    Perpetrate 0ebed961424d9757f5d26ce7e8b3e5e8d83eb239
    In addition, the MultisignReserve, fixTakerDryOfferRemoval along with fix1578 Amendments are anticipated to eventually become permitted no sooner than Wednesday, 2019-03-20. When This Occurs, if you Aren't running launch 1.2.0 or more, your waiter Can Be change blocked, meaning it:

With respect to this XRP Community, Ripple might love to thank people who have led to the maturation of this XRP Ledger (rippled) opensource code, even if or not they did this by writing code, then running the applications, reporting problems, detecting bugs or offering suggestions for progress.
The SHA256 for your own origin RPM is: c8a67054d81fc5d7dfba5b4ebe630f44507886da418c5ba6fb7a245e9d78cd01

Boost Compatibility


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