How to Travel Queensland Australia on Bitcoin

It’s time to get on the plane here in Wellington we’re heading over to Brisbane Australia to investigate whether or not it is actually as Bitcoin as friendly as the advertisements make out for.
In me living 72 hours only on Bitcoin should be a pretty crazy adventure the flights already paid for, he’s travelled by bit to book our flights next step get to Brisbane and get a venturi… we’ll see on the other side.

Do you know you can use Bitcoin to pay for flights, hotel rooms and car rental services?

While this cryptocurrency has been around for a while now, some of the common questions that Bitcoin newcomers often ask include what can you do with it, what can you buy with it, and how can you use it.

The answer to these questions is that you can use it to buy almost everything, both online and offline. The tourism industry, in particular, stands out as one of the earliest adopters of this new technology, and one of the key beneficiaries as well.

This is partly because most travelers are always looking for a safe currency to carry around, and that is internationally acceptable. Travelers using bitcoin benefit from all these advantages and the tourism industry were swift to realize its potential.

The cars travel is our latest platform that we are launching as part of our ever-growing crypto economy it is a travel platform where you can book specialized tours packages in very exciting and exotic countries around the world, using cryptocurrency as payment only currently we are running the cartas travel out of our Singapore offices, the special thing about taqaddas travel is that all the packages that we are offering have been tried and tested by one of our management team. So we will be able to give your personal experiences about the travel and about the package and the adventure you’re going to enter into.

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As far as I know we will be the only travel platform accepting only crypto currency as payment so when I say crypto currency that’s not just two cantos we’ll be accepting Bitcoin we’ll be accepting a theorem litecoin and other coins s

Please reach out and we will be able to help you with any coin you would like to pay the countess Travel I believe

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