How To Handle Every WALLET Challenge With Ease Using These Tips Bitcoin wallet tutorial

This is Kip and today I want to make a quick video for anybody trying to set up their first Bitcoin wallet, and buy their first Bitcoin, it can be a little bit confusing at first so I just want to make a quick video to show how to do it, how to set them up and buy your first Bitcoin on the two wallets that I'm going to be suggested for you.

Coinbase and circle these are two of the most popular Bitcoin wallets right now and both of them actually have apps for iPhones and Android phones and tablets. The two really good wallets and you probably want to download the apps if you are going to sign up for these wallets.

The first one is Coinbase the other one is circle first one I'll do is Coinbase I'll just show you guys you're going to want to click sign up and then it's going to ask you your first and last name. Your email so they can send you a verification email and you can click the link that they sent.

Then you're going to choose a password and the state that you live in, agree to the terms and conditions and then hit create an account and then if you want to go with Circle...


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