How to Set Up the Uphold Wallet for Purchasing Bitcoin 1


When you sign up with , your wallet address is generated and you can create a card that you can use to buy Bitcoins, send them to members, hold Bitcoins or send them to external addresses.

You don’t need a hot wallet if you want to actually use and move your money but once you have an online wallet with an address, you have excellent security for the money.

Depending on your wallet, Bitcoins can either be transferred to another wallet or spent to buy goods online or transferred back and forth.

Uphold Wallet

Bitcoins sent to this address are automatically added to your account balance and Bitcoins are immediately transferred from your wallet to another wallet. It is important to be aware that there are a number of websites that accept Bitcoin payments. If you buy your first Bitcoins in USD, you can use them for online payments with some of the largest companies that already accept Bitcoins as a payment method. 

These exchanges process your Bitcoins and transfer them to a Bitcoin wallet for you and transfer Bitcoins from that wallet right back to the wallet you’re looking for.

Sometimes people find their wallets in the most random folders, so be sure to check everywhereIf you have a desktop wallet, you can search for the computer you are using, whether it is a Mac or Windows computer. 


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