How to Redeem Amazon Gift Card

I am going to talk through how to redeem an Amazon gift card.

Amazon gift cards make the ideal gift because they’re easy for people to get their hands on and they will please just about anyone. If someone gives you an Amazon gift card you’ll need to redeem that card through your Amazon account before you can start using it the process to redeem an Amazon gift card only takes a few minutes and can be done through the Amazon website.

Step 1 open your web browser and navigate to log in to your Amazon account if you’re not already logged in

Step 2 click the account and list drop-down in the upper right corner of the screen, a menu appears with two sections one section is called your list and the other section is called your account

Step 3 click your account into your account section a screen with information about your Amazon account appears

Step 4 click gift cards in the list of options toward the top of your account screen a
sign in window appears prompting you for the password associated with your account. Enter the password associated with your account and then click sign in.
The gift card balance screen associated with your account appears-

Step 5 click redeem a gift card in the blue box beneath view gift card balance and activity on the left side of the screen alternatively you can click redeem a gift card in the section directly beneath where your gift card balance is displayed.
The redeem or check the value of a gift card screen appears

Step 6 locate the claim code on your Amazon gift card this is typically located on the back of the gift card in either the center or upper right corner if you haven’t done so already you’ll likely need to scratch


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