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Discover the Ultimate Play-to-Earn Game: Earn Crypto for Free with Sarutobi – The Full Guide!

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Foreign, topians to Total crypto updates bringing you another video for real deep dives into the crypto industry I can’t promise to only speak about crypto but, I can promise everything will be overstood let’s dive into today’s very dense crypto update today’s, crypto update will continue our urge To earn money online, even if satoshi’s are an increment of Bitcoin, I would still huddle millions of them because they are a direct descendant of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been proven to be Limitless so far, and Satoshi coin can only follow so, let’s get into today new play to earn so we can begin to earn crypto. We are living in bad times and should hold our liquid assets as close as possible. Crypto is available for the average Joe and purchasing in a macro scale. Bear Market is not to smart. Here we have sarutobi, let’s Dive In this play to earned Masterpiece has been around for ages. It’S probably one of the first play to earn games that didn’t tank.

Discover the Two-in-One Mobile Game Sarah Toby and Earn Bitcoin for Free with Flyby in This Comprehensive Guide

Sarah Toby was developed by Mandel duck to the form it is in now. Sarah Toby is a two-in-one, and by that I mean there is two different games in one to be completely honest and upfront, I’m probably the worst at the swing things so leave some jokes in the comments back to the mobile game’s main screen. Let me go ahead and explain the functions. The top left of the screen of the audio, which I left muted. For the sake of the video to the top right. You can see a gear there, which is the settings menu which we will get into a little bit more later in the video on the bottom. You see two different icons, one that reads flyby, which is to the left of the one that reads swing thing. These two are the actual games that you can play to earn, Bitcoin, which we will elaborate more on flyby because, like I said earlier, I suck at swing thing and honestly never made it past three swings which you will understand what that means later on.

How To : Earn Crypto with Sarutobi for FREE. (FULL GUIDE). FREE CRYPT0!!


Learn How to Navigate Sarutobi Gameplay Menu and Earn Crypto for Free with This Comprehensive Guide.

In the video now, if anyone has a video explaining, swaying things a little bit better than what I can, because I’m literally doing the bare minimum on that mobile game, please post the video or share it somewhere, where I could see it. So I can promote the hell out of it and maybe learn how to play moving on to the actual game menu screen. This is the actual sarutobi gameplay screen menu. As you can see to the left, there are five icons you can choose from the first one. Reading reward the second skins, the third reading power ups, the fourth from the top is the bananas and the last one will be to replay the level let’s dive into what each one of these icons do and how they are a part of the game. The first tab we will deep dive into will be the rewards tab. Once you press the rewards tab, it should bring you to this screen on your mobile device. As you can see, there are two types of coins that can be collected.

Unlock the Potential of Sarutobi: Earn Free Crypto with Silver and Gold Bitcoin Kit and Exclusive Skins

The silver Bitcoin kit will show his coin when collected and the gold one will show as gold when collected press, the small tip button or large tip button, and the funds will be sent automatically to your zbd wallet. Also, this game is one of the only games. You can use different wallets to receive saps, as you can see on. The top right of the screen is where you connect your wallet to receive the Bitcoin you collected in the game on the bottom. It reads jackpot available: if you’re lucky you’ll win 1 000 satoshi’s is when you withdraw, which is self-explanatory back to the main menu. Once you are, there press the Skins tab to enter and see the different skin sarutobi provides in the Skins menu you can see. There are seven different skins, the first one, which is the original Sarah Toby monkey, which is free. The second one looks like he has a costume for 1.99. The next one is a ninja for 1.99. Also, the fourth skin is a green gecko sarutobi.

Maximize Your Gameplay with Sarutobi Power-Ups: A Comprehensive Guide for Crypto Earning

The fifth is Sarah Toby, with the hat and so on, going back to the main menu. We will follow that up with the power-ups tab. These power-ups can be used to give you an advantage from time to time in the power ups menu. You will see six icons, the banana which cost 50 bananas a spring that costs 60 bananas a bar size, kite worth 120 bananas. The rocket is 200, the bomb is also 200 and a potion worth 300 Take a look on the bottom of the screen. It reads tap which power ups you want to equip for the next game, then press on to continue all of the power ups can be used individually or you can make a concoction of power ups for optimal advantage against the sporadically placed bananas, I’m pretty sure you’re Confused but stay tuned, it will always be overstood before the video ends. Each power up has its own effect, which you will actually get to see live as I will be showcasing my sarutobi skills back to the menu where you can see the tab. Bananas bananas. Allow.

Unlock the Addictive Gameplay and Earn Crypto with Sarutobi – A Comprehensive Guide

You to buy power-ups, so let’s say you want to boost your bananas count. You can purchase them here in fiat currency. In increments of 100, 500 and 1 000 bananas, all the prices are located just below the amount of bananas that can be acquired for that package. Moving on to the trophy on the mini screen, this trophy allows you to view the leadership boards and stats for the sarutobi network. There are different category of stats and can be entertaining to see from time to time as you progress now that we’ve made our way back to the menu, let’s get to the play, Tab and check out the actual gameplay. It might not look like much, but my God, it’s addicting here I will explain about what are the goals and how to collect the rewards in saratobia. You will start by hanging from a tree on a vine as you tap. The screen. Sarutobi will begin to swing soon, as you feel you have enough velocity you swipe right and sarutobi will let go. This will thrust sarutobi into a forward motion through the air.

Collect Bananas and Bitcoin Coins in Sarutobi to Earn Free Crypto with Power-Ups and Rewards

Where there will be bananas, you will need to collect before you fall same as with the Bitcoin coins and Rewards, they will be scattered through the air also to collect them. Sarutobi must be launched into the air and through the floating coins or bananas before hitting the ground in this video, you will see sarutobi collect a silver coin and get to see exactly how many Satoshi you will receive for silver coins on to the next gameplay clip. You will see the power ups being utilized. First, we have the spring. After launching sarutobi into the area. You will see the icons on the bottom left. Click the spring at the peak of the launch from the vine to optimize its power once the spring is selected in the air. Sarutomi will automatically have a spring barrier around him, which will cause him to bounce when making contact with the ground and collect more Rewards. In this clip.

Maximizing Rewards with Sarutobi: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Power-Ups Effectively.

We collect a gold coin, and now you will be able to see the amount of Satoshi you will receive from a gold coin, while 30 Satoshi moving on quick to the next clip start sarutobi in the air, when SAR Toby begins to descend, press the banana icon. As soon as saratobi makes contact with the ground swipe left to watch, him surf the bananas a little further next power up is the bomb icon, which is one of my least favorite, but in this clip I actually did it right. Once descending from your Peak launch press the bomb icon on the bottom left, second icon from the right wait until you’re low enough to be surrounded by rewards and tap saratobi to release the power of the bomb. You will see sarutobi explode further into the direction you are heading on to the bar size kite. This you will want to activate at the top of the cloud of Rewards in this clip.I did it completely wrong and missed dozens of prizes.

Maximizing Sarutobi Rewards: A Proven Strategy for Collecting Crypto for Free


I launched my sarutobi way too high up and press the icon, which made me Glide over most of the rewards. Now, with the last two icons, I will teach you a strategy of mine that works for me every time, but it costs about 500 bananas to use this strategy after launching sarutobi into the sky. When you get to the top of the level you’re going to want to press your potion icon, which will make you grow to about 50 times the size of when you started, then you’re going to want to hit the rocket icon and swipe left now, your sarutobi Is ginormous and riding a rocket ship collecting a majority of the rewards? Also, I would like to state that once you collect a coin, the rest of the gold and silver Bitcoin will vanish, so I go for the coins. First then, go for bananas on my way down.I would also like to elaborate on a few key elements.

Guide to Tracking Progress and Boosting Rewards in Sarutobi Game for Free Crypto

I was not able to show you only because I have already passed these points in the game in the trophy icon on the menu you will need to provide a name for your ranking. This is a more formal way of keeping track of where you are. The second issue I had shown you that when you start the game sarutobi from the beginning, there will be letters scattered throughout the rewards. These letters spell out sarutobi collecting these letters will provide you with a boost of 5 000 bananas and a few free power-ups. That will conclude today’s update on trending news in the crypto world. Thank you for watching. If you made it all the way through stay tuned, we are an active admin. Please, like comment subscribe and never be afraid to voice your opinion. Tell us in the comments what you think and give us some suggestions on what kind of content you’d like us to Deep dive into next time, good day, good night and goodbye

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