How Does Google Wallet Work and Is It Safe?

Mobile payments rather than a credit card, or check are becoming more and more popular and more and more common. In fact, globally, mobile payments are expected to be almost $50 billion by 2021. Being able to use your smartphone or smartwatch to make payments makes a lot of sense. We carry them almost everywhere and adding more credit cards to your mobile payment provider of choice doesn’t take up any more space in your pocket. Mobile payment options include Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Visa Checkout and PayPal among others. And regardless of which one you choose, there are a lot of questions. How secure is your information? Do the places I shop accept digital payments? How complicated is it to pay for something? To answer some of your questions, the team drills down here into Google Wallet, what it is and how it works. Google Wallet vs Google Pay Google’s digital wallet system is actually made up of a few different parts. Google Wallet was Google’s original peer-to-peer payment system for sending and receiving money. While the service still exists, the name changed to Google Pay when the previous Android Pay and Google Wallet services merged in […]

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