Here’s What Happens When Bitcoin Just Keeps Forking | CNBC

Bitcoin private has reached a new level of meta. A fork of a fork of a fork.
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Here’s What Happens When Bitcoin Just Keeps Forking | CNBC


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44 Thoughts to “Here’s What Happens When Bitcoin Just Keeps Forking | CNBC”

  1. BTCP best BTC forks.. it's a gamechanger

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  3. Bitcoin is for people with more money than sense. Bitcoin is not for people with more sense than money.

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  6. Cryptocurrencies are becoming Fiat currencies after all.

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  8. Give me Billions and Billions of different token types, each released in finite amounts over time, and each specializing in different needful use cases for currency.

  9. Also Litecoin was a fork of Bitcoin too!
    'Just saying' ;P

  10. Got 212 BTCP free. They are trading at ~$60-$90 on “Trade Satoshi” right now. Went as high as $130, but I’m holding. Going to get more exposure and price increases when they hit bigger exchanges like HitBTC and Kucoin, hopefully Binance. Still a good buy right now if you asked me, but I’m biased. My BTCP experience so far has been pure profit. Not 200% or 300%… remember in 2nd grade what happens when you divide by zero? “Undefined” profit my friends 🙂

  11. Crypto networks use way to much internet bandwith.
    Crypto network uses way to much energy consumption.
    Crypto will be cracked by AI software.

    Go watch Boiler Room to understand the crime being committed.

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  13. What actually happens when bitcoin forks is this. A group of people with some programming knowledge get together, make their own coin, steal the bitcoin name for brand recognition, and attempt to profit. the only bitcoin, is bitcoin.

  14. Bitcoin private got CNBC exposure and it's still only $65 bucks a peice, the absolute least valuable of the bitcoin forks smh, I wish I never bought zclassic to get Bctp

  15. If you want to buy Bitcoin try coinbase they are the easiest way to get started. That's what I used in the beginning.

  16. This is a joke, people still can’t see this is a problem…… 20 years later, people will laughs at how ridiculous it is that a group of people can just start some sort of crypto currency and it is legal………. people in future will be amazed how little our government have done to stop it . Will be on history books.

  17. If you want to mine bitcoin slowly just download Cryptotab…
    thank me for this once you get a few bitcoins a month

  18. no hard forks on Snatcoin

  19. Actually , the true original Bitcoin is not called bitcoin, the current bitcoin is a fork of what is now called bitcoin core, bitcoin core is the original bitcoin

  20. Anyone can fork bitcoin. It literally forks all the time but nobody uses them because they are big gaye most of the time.

  21. People don't use other forked coins, so its useless. So don't worry

  22. I think the situation is pretty forked up!

    BitcoinCash (BCH or BCC) was not only an attempted cash grab but it was an attempt to overthrow the REAL Bitcoin, sometimes referred to as Bitcoin Core by BCH community. The real problem lies in the centralization of the ASIC mining rigs required to profitably mine BTC. There is only one main company, coincidentally called Bitmain, that produces the majority of these specialized computer rigs and therefore there is a bottleneck on the supply. The total combined hashing power from all of these computers essentially had no competition prior to the BCH fork August 1st 2017- after that point the Bitcoin miners began switching over to mine BitcoinCash at times when it became more profitable (due to variable difficulty of BCH). This created a competition for the miners and their hashing power which caused the price and speed of transactions on the Bitcoin network to have issues.

    Each successive fork seemed to be worth less and less. Some forks turned out to be a sham and others were laden with scams! Cryptocurrency is still in its infantile stages where we will have to learn how to crawl before we can walk or run. There will be many growing pains along the way including several more price booms and crashes.

  23. Yes! That's what Ppl need knowledge. Good stuff #Verge

  24. The currency only has value as long as people use it if no one uses it then it has no value same thing with the US dollar that's probably why the government does not want us to use Bitcoin

  25. Saying 'bitcoin just keeps forking' would suggest someone is closing in on having 50%+ mining ability.
    This may be a split to a new currency but dont use the word fork.

  26. what the fork is going on here?


    This is not a fork and it's actually what Bitcoin should be in the first place!

  28. Came here just to dislike

  29. T2

    BTC is the one.
    Smart investors will only pump & dump those forks.


  31. everything but bitcoin is trash

  32. if you need yo learn about bitcoin just look for Andreas antonopoulous he's the true messiah

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