Is Here’s What College Students Think Of Bitcoin | CNBC Still Relevant?

My cousin investment in Bitcoin and he's made a lot of money a decentralized currency is pretty incredible pay money to buy a Bitcoin right now. Actually not if I could, I would it's something that a lot of people could have bought into early on like maybe five-ten years ago and now the value is skyrocket, I'm a Bitcoin skeptic I think it's sort of a fraud, I mean there's a history of bubbles and all sorts of different assets it's not exclusive to Bitcoin, it's not the first bubble and I don't think it'll be the last it's an over valley asset that's bound to do burst sooner or later stocks finished less volatile times

Just the history of the stock market longevity of it it's definitely more favorable than just buying the natural corner....


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18 Thoughts to “Is Here’s What College Students Think Of Bitcoin | CNBC Still Relevant?”

  1. Asking 5 college kids at a bar. Great sampling.

  2. Well lets ask homeless people about their mortgage, And interviewing Cramer about Trump. Just don't do it.

  3. Not one kid said blockchain…. Bubble bubble bubble is all they know.

  4. IN MY OPINION. THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE This actually may prove that the public still has not woken up yet and it is still a good time to invest. .

  5. Well these people have literally no idea what they are talking about.

  6. They don't seem to realise you can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin, $10 worth. It's obviously still very early in crypto.

  7. CNBC, always pushing Stocks… OWNED GE!

  8. I love how the CNBC producers intentionally put the most unfavorable comments on this video about Bitcoin.

  9. Bitcoin saves this granny when Social Security fails her >

  10. Here’s how to buy and get free bitcoin:

  11. So biased! I knew before even watching the clip that they would choose some college boffins that actually know 'jack' about BTC or Block chain…

  12. Yea, lets interview 20 drunk people about something they have no idea about. Great content…

  13. Nice… Selection of information and asking a ginger in a suit in a bar, real legit…

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