Gross Says Bitcoin Surge Hasn’t Affected Bond Prices

Dec.07 -- Bill Gross, fund manager at Janus Henderson, discusses bitcoin's surge on "Bloomberg Markets."


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4 Thoughts to “Gross Says Bitcoin Surge Hasn’t Affected Bond Prices”

  1. 100 ''bitcoin is a bubble'', 200, ahh, just a bubble. 500, oh that bitcoin, i heard of that bubble its like tulips. 1000, oh wow, this bubble is getting big 2000 holy (fake laugh of desperation) bitcoin is such a bubble folks! 5000 this is only used by drug dealers (used by big companies and transactions from plane tickets to pc parts could be had with legit bitcoin) 7500 holy wow its a bubble about to pop 10000 this wont effect the banks but it may or may not be a bubble .. lol, you guys are so old and clueless you still haven't learned how to research with google

  2. The problem is that it can not pop yet, because rich funds want to buy it too, after january 1st 2018… There will be a six digit price coming soon, difficult to stop it. Without a technical bug no chance to kill it. Trump could try to ban it instead of tax it and take the money.

  3. 17K today.. check back in one year and only wish for the days of 17K ,,,

  4. I think he just said there's a legitimate reason why people invest in Bitcoin. I think.

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