GG Token - A Revolutionary Marketplace for In-Game Actions

GG Token – A Revolutionary Marketplace for In Game Actions

I’m Leonardo and I’m a co-founder at Clem plain in the last two years we’ve been creating a community for mobile gamers we crafted the app to offer a wide set of communication channels. Such as private chats group conversations public chat rooms and even dedicated clenches to these channels we’ve attached tools for the most popular games on the mobile clash of clans at clash Royale.

We use the app and the tools ourselves every day and we’ve been tailoring it to the needs of our community which now has more than a million users I’d like to think that we’re doing something right because Glen plays today the highest-rated up for gamers in the world and we intend to work hard and make it even better,

in game actions

Interacting with the ad

Over time we’ve identified two major problems in the games industry the first is the centralization of game advertising and the second is the lack of ability to incentivize other players to take in-game actions game developers are promoting their games by paying a handful of platforms to display ads in them these are platforms that collect data on their users and share it with their advertisers they are essentially treating their users as assets to be sold in a bidding system. Last year the leading platforms brought in more than a hundred and thirty billion dollars in advertising revenues and none of these funds went to the users interacting with the ads.

Monthly income of about $500

None now I’ve been playing games since I was a little kid and I remember as I was growing up I was thinking to myself man I love playing games so much I wish someone would pay me money to play these games because I’m really good at it but even today this is not yet a reality last year only 17,000 players out of more than 2 billion gamers brought in an average monthly income of about $500 from their gaming career.

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Compensation for in-game actions

That’s not enough gamers and it’s not enough money my team and I are determined to change this reality make it vastly better and solve these two major problems we are harnessing blockchain technology, to issue a utility token and the whole new economy this token called gg which for gamers means good game it uses smart contract to enable compensation for in-game actions. With GG game developers can now pay players directly to discover and then progressively engage with their games this direct discovery campaigns will motivate players to go through the full experience needed to judge games offering and what’s more important they would provide for a much better distribution of wealth,

1% of mobile

If we can divert even 1% of mobile advertising budgets directly to mobile gamers will do good leveraging the same technology we will create the world’s first marketplace for in-game actions the opportunities here are really endless any action that can be tracked can be paid for clem players over a million users and we reached out to them asking if they have interest in such a marketplace.

The results were staggering three-quarters of players said they would consider joining a clan for a fee and half of the clan leaders that spent money in the game said they would consider paying a strong player to join them in the GG marketplace…

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