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How to get free Bitcoins [REAL NO SCAM]

hey guys in this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to get free bitcoins. This is real this is not a scam, is simple so let’s get started.

How to get free Bitcoins [REAL NO SCAM]

First what you want to do is create a Bitcoin wallet so go to this website right here the link is in the description sign up putting your email make a password and log in.

Ok once you’re logged in what you want to do is copy the Bitcoin address make sure you copy it then go to this website right here the link is in the description. The website will have ads on it, because that’s how the people are paying you, so click on new user pace your Bitcoin address.



Create a password and make sure you put in your email,  when you click on the payout they’ll send you the confirmation thing to your email and the money to your Bitcoin wallet.  Once you’ve done that log in to your account once you log in it will look like this.

And you’ll have 0 bitcoins scroll down and you’ll have a I think it’s called caption or CAPTCHA. I don’t know and what you want to do is just type in the word in the box and click enter once you’ve done that they’ll give you free bitcoins. I’m not kidding guys this actually works.

Bitcoin to your adress

I’ll show you the confirmation email and the payout once you’ve done that, just click on enter and they’ll send you the Bitcoin and every hour, you can do this and to withdraw the money click on manual but  you have to reach this much so you can do this in about a day or two.

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Just click withdraw and within 24 hours to send you an email just like this one right here and showing that they sent you that the Bitcoin to your address. And you can view the transaction this is the transaction that they sent so it’s confirming that they actually sent you pick one to your pick one account.

Bet high or Low

Right here as you can see I have 17 cents I had three transactions so far I just got started. Yeah so this actually does work and if you want more Bitcoin you can go to the multiply Bitcoin thing and you can set your payout and you can bet high or low.

Guess if you think the hot the number is higher than this number or the numbers lower in this number you would just click that hide that low. you do win and you do lose so it’s just a guess  I stopped tonight. Okay and so yeah guys that’s how you get free bitcoins thanks for watching.

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