How to get free Bitcoins [New Update]

Hey guys this video is just an update on my tutorial on how to get free bitcoins .Real no scam. So people are asking me is this real. How can I use this money? I’m going to be showing you all that today.

I’ve been using this free Bitcoin for two years now so this video was made in 2014 and right now is 2016 and it’s going to keep on working so I’m going to show you my wallet.

As you can see I received a total of three hundred and fifty seven dollars and eighty three cents from this right here I’ve been doing this for a very long time and this is all my transaction.

Bitcoin transaction

If you know about bitcoins this is the transaction numbers and all that and this is the total of how much I receive right now I have only 40 step $0.41 because I transferred to somewhere else. And as you can see here this is real.

This is from this website right here right now I have only 0.003 bitcoins left so if we were to withdraw this I would just click on withdraw and if I don’t want to spend 0.0002 BTC I would have to wait three days and 19 hours and then they would automatically take out the bitcoins and send it to my wallet. Right here but if I do it instantly I’m going to do it right now to show you guys that this is real instant and I click withdraw as you can see it’s going to be sent to my wallet.

In 15 minutes usually it takes less than that but I’m gonna wait and show you guys. I just received the Bitcoin from free Bitcoin and as you can see I have now I have one dollar and ninety seven cent and this is the transaction right here it’s unconfirmed transaction.

Websites that use Bitcoin

But it’s going to be confirmed very soon because you know people have to confirm that if you know about bitcoins. this is actually working and people are going to ask how do you spend this money so now I’m going to show you websites that uses bitcoins as their transaction their currency.

Right here they use Bitcoin and to pay for this is how you do it you would go back to your wallet send money then you would copy their address put in here and insert the amount that you have to pay. So this would be five dollars and fifty cents you would put five dollars and fifty cents and it would show you if you have enough money but I don’t so I can’t I’m not going to pay for this Interval.

Use Bitcoin giftcard

Is working in the next website or app that uses bitcoins as their payment is gif so gif is gy ft and you can download this on your phone or you know your Android your iPhone they use Bitcoin as their payment. And this is very good because this app when you download this app you can actually buy eBay gift cards, you can buy Amazon gift cards you can use it in real life you could go to Target Walmart and start buying stuff with it.


You know so you buy a Walmart gift card you go to Walmart you buy a prepaid Visa card you use that Visa Card you go to the bank take out the money and you get to keep the money.

It’s that easy so that’s how you do guys so this is just an update a quick update and if you want to sign up for the free Bitcoin, guys this is not a scam because watch if I just open up a new tab here incognito look when you sign up it’s asking you for the email your password and your Bitcoin address a and all that your email address

Real Email adress

if you don’t want to give your real email address just go make up base um another account for your email and you know you can’t really get scammed because there’s really nothing for you to give out except for the email.

But  you can just make a separate account and just get the Bitcoin through there and through your real Bitcoin wallet so that’s it guys this is just a quick update.

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