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Get Bitcoins For Free – Strategies For Beginners

Get bitcoins for free

Once you’ve decided that you’d like to try out this new Bitcoin phenomenon, it can be difficult to figure out where to get started. Having said that, the answer to how to get bitcoins is actually much easier than you may think. The best way to think about how you can get bitcoins is to think about how you can receive any other currency. Most people earn their money at their job, but you could also buy other currencies on forex markets or trade in some of your old junk for fiat currency. These same concepts also apply to Bitcoin.


Buy Bitcoins

Online exchanges — Online exchanges are the most popular option when it comes to attaining bitcoins. With this option, you will usually just need to link your bank with your Bitcoin exchange of choice. Different exchanges have different deposit and withdrawals options when it comes to the fiat side of things, and you can use anything from a bank wire to a check in the mail to make a deposit. Coinbase provides a platform where you can easily buy/sell Bitcoins with your payment card or via bank transfer.

  • Get an account on Coinbase, you’ll receive 10$ as the gift. (Sooner or later you will need a Coinbase account) when it comes to buy/sell Bitcoins fast.

Bitcoin Faucets

Earn Free Bitcoin just by visiting websites. Faucets are websites that give you free fractions of bitcoin. They generating some income using ads.

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Mine Bitcoins

Along with various ways to purchase Bitcoins, you can also mine them and participate in the process of generating new coins. In this example, we should really view bitcoins as gold rather than fiat currency. After all, you can’t mine dollars or euros. These currencies are loaned into existence out of thin air, and the process of creating new dollars and euros is rather centralized. On the contrary, anyone could go out into a mine and pull some gold out of the ground. Although the precious metals mining industry as centralized the idea of gold mining somewhat, the general principle that anyone can go out into the world and my gold still exist.

If you consider to get into mining, pay exceptional attention to the Bitcoin price fluctuations and increasing mining difficulty. As Bitcoin mining is a risky and unpredictable process and can be unprofitable at some point, people usually prefer the Cloud Mining to get Bitcoins.


Work for Bitcoins

At the end of the day, the bitcoin is just a currency. If you can find someone who is willing to pay you in bitcoins for your goods and services, then you should definitely take them up on that offer. Having said that, this is an option that is not available to the majority of Bitcoin users. Most people don’t already have bitcoins in their possession, so paying someone else in bitcoins can seem annoying and a waste of time. Offering discounts for goods and services paid in bitcoins can definitely help with this problem, but the reality is that we’re still rather far away from seeing a large amount of the population receive payment in Bitcoin. This may be an option if you’re an online freelancer in some kind of tech-related field, but anyone else is going to have a tough time finding someone to pay them with Bitcoin.

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If you’re looking to dip your feet into the Bitcoin ecosystem, then you just need to make sure that you have something of value to trade with someone who already has some bitcoins. Online exchanges, such as, are still the best option for someone looking to purchase bitcoins for the first time, but hopefully, we can see other choices become more practical as the popularity of Bitcoin continues to grow all around the world.

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