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7 Thoughts to “Gary Cohn on Tax Reform, Payrolls Report and Bitcoin”

  1. Republicans have increased the deficit more than Democrats since and including Ronald Reagan. Fifty percent of increases to the deficit under Obama were due to policies implemented under George Bush.

  2. Johnny coming with some balls this morning. Spot on bro.

  3. bitcoin talk at 6:46 for you crypto freaks

  4. they post these to sucker in fresh fish to buy it. Totally manipulated by the Chinese who have made the trade markets like coinbase. You never ever hear any real trader talk. Just videos to such fresh fish in to keep it going. Buy and lose happens every time.

  5. just move off shores ,, Like china.

  6. They will short bitcoin next week and sell at the same time at al time highs btcs, so sell your bitcoins on Sunday 😉

  7. Regulated my ass, crypto currency is for everyone not for the Rothschilds

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