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The Future Of Bitcoin It Will Raise 3400 procent

The crypto currency Bitcoin has gone strong this year. According to analyst Kay Va-Petersen, rally is only in the starting pits.

Bitcoin goes on the train and in a short period of time rushed to a valuation quite stable over $ 2,000. Today, the cryptocurrency is traded

around $ 2 200.

Analyst Kay Van-Petersen predicted the lift for the currency. In his previous report, he believed that the currency would rise to $ 2,000

this year. At the time when “Outrageous Predictions” were published, the bitcoin traded around $ 754. And the $ 2,000 limit was passed in

Now the analyst is wondering again. In an interview with CNBC, he says that the currency should raise to $ 100,000 within ten years. This

would mean an increase of over 3 400 percent, CNBC states.

He believes that within ten years crypto generally, not just bitcoins, will account for about ten percent of daily currency trading.

Currency trading is currently over fifty thousand dollars. Ten percent of it is 500 billion, and

assuming that bitcoin accounts for 35 percent of the share, it’s 175 billion dollars.

Bitcoin is limited to a number of 21 million. Kay Van-Petersen estimates that there are 17

million units in ten years, an increase from the current 16.3 million.

Van-Petersen claims that the market value could amount to ten times the average trading

volume, $ 1 750 billion. The total amount of 17 million units will then give a price of bitcoins

of $ 100,000.

– Cryptovalutor is here to stay. There will be two to three main currencies. Bitcoin will be one of these, says the analyst of CNBC.

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