Fusion 360 Design Process Trezor One Bitcoin Wallet Stand

Trezor One Bitcoin Wallet Stand

What I have here is a treasure one hardware wallet it's basically a cryptocurrency wallet that lets you store and spend Bitcoin more easily don't worry I don't want to get you bogged down in the details, today's video is more just about looking at how I design versus the specific end result but basically this wallet has a little screen and a couple buttons and you plug it

into your computer as you're accessing your Bitcoin wallet and it gives you random pins,it gives you little confirmations of your Bitcoin addresses so that you know that you're not getting hacked and stuff like that.


Basically I just want to be able to access the screen and buttons easily at my desk and the way it works right now is this just plugs into my USB hub and it's kind of dangling around it, often ends up face down,it's just not the most comfortable to work with so what I want is a little stand that lets me hold it up in front of my screen it gives me easy access to the screen and the buttons with one hand, and yeah just a nice little organized stand for this little screen right here.

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