Former SEC Commissioner Joseph Grundfest: Bitcoin Still In ‘Wild West’ Phase | CNBC

Stanford Law Professor and Former SEC commissioner Joseph Grundfest discusses bitcoin and the regulatory requirements with the SEC.
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Former SEC Commissioner Joseph Grundfest: Bitcoin Still In 'Wild West' Phase | CNBC


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11 Thoughts to “Former SEC Commissioner Joseph Grundfest: Bitcoin Still In ‘Wild West’ Phase | CNBC”

  1. get your porridge while it's hot… when it's cold no one will want anymore

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  3. wasn't Bernie Madoff also the chairman of the sec? What's changed since Bernie was busted?

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  5. SO IS THIS THE INTERNET. They can't stop us now. peer to peer crypto exchange offers full privacy and profit

  6. Most intelligent (regulatory) circumspection I've heard thus far: Good job Professor G.

  7. Buy bitcoin at 12,599. It will be back to 25,000 soon

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