First Texas Bitcoin Real Estate Transaction [Airbnb Entrepreneur Podcast #9 ]

AIRBNB HOUSE HACKING ▻IN THIS PODCAST: In this interview Realtor & House Hacking Host, Rachel Prince [] discusses one of …Watch the video for more.

Insider Secret #91 Real Estate VS Bitcoin

Video Transcription

Bitcoin is making its rounds across markets and media nationwide. Kent shares his view of Cryptocurrency vs Real Estate and which investment will build you …
Let’s talk real quick, I’ve been getting asked a lot about Bitcoin versus real estate people are asking me what my thoughts are is this something they should be doing?

I figured I would take the time on this video to kind of give you where I am at this moment in time which quite frankly is a very very uneducated or low education when it comes to Bitcoin right?

I haven’t done a lot of research ever worked with a lot of people out there obviously but there’s a lot of evil that have it as well that hasn’t kept a lot of people going out there and promote it on Facebook and talking about all the next greatest this and that.

It’s the wild wild west out there when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In general here’s what I can tell you from an expert opinion number one I love the idea of blockchain the actual underlying technology my business partners and we have talked about this recently a lot and how exciting that technology is and how I think it’s going to revolutionize.

quite frankly not just the financial markets but it’s gonna revolutionize business in general over the course, you know but certainly within our lifetime and just how that technology has the ability to update these Ledgers in just so many different ways, whether that’s whether that is in real estate or how you buy a car or how you take out a loan, I mean this is so many cool things that that technology is inevitably going to just permeate throughout everything we do it’s coming now, with that being said Bitcoin and all the cryptocurrencies it’s such a new market…

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Bitcoin Real Estate

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