Finding “New” BTC Addresses I Own (Around $93)

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Oh, my goodness, Michael or COO para welcome today we’re discussing how you should always protect all of your Bitcoin wallet addresses and all of your cryptocurrency wallet addresses because I made a video before on this channel, how I lost access to a theorem that, at the time was worth $ 300 and a maximum peak was worth around 900 dollars, maybe even over $ 1000. Well, that’s a fair bit of money, and today we see that we have an $ 80 balance here.

So hopefully, I’m able to get that $ 80 balance in Bitcoin onto my new address, I did update my new address and I did update my new description. I’m still going to update some of these links and remove some of them from any gambling links. Any of that see you goodbye might as well roll the intro here. So this is gon na be a fun one. How I lost $ 90 and technically I found it, but I have no way to access it for now.

All right with the intro rolled in this is my new Bitcoin address, and what we’re going to do. Gonna go into videos we’re going to go to the old video that I published and check out that description. The reason this is important here we have an old address, we’re going to go to blockchain comm, it’s very simple: you can do this for any address out there once it’s tight, then you click, OK and then it’s gon na ask you what is BTC or DCH.

Obviously it’s Bitcoin in this case and the total received and the total sent from the address that I have gotten in the past before well, you can see that the final balance is zero Bitcoin, and that makes the mystery even deeper because that means I have another Wallet address for a coin base because somebody donated maybe was from this channel.

Maybe it was from the other channel somebody donated around twenty-one. Twenty-two dollars three weeks ago to another wallet address which I don’t have access to and coinbase, hopefully they’re gon na get back to me, but it’s taking forever for them to get back to me. This is good to see, though, when you have a final balance of zero Bitcoin, and this gives you a lot of information.

Tells you exactly when. So all this was from 2018, it says it was deposited and was drawn to another address and which address it was withdrawn to, and it shows you also the fee and how it was done it and all the further details of that. If you just click around, this, doesn’t really interest me that much, although it may further down the line if anything’s connected like where did I withdraw it to and maybe I’ll refresh my mind the reason I’m making this video, though, is because I found Bitcoin, and I Was like analyst, let’s check this old address out, because I went to an old affiliate coin Lama.






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