It’s Julian and in the series I’m going to teach you solidity which is the programming language for developing aetherium smart contract so solidity can be used for developing smart contract on a theorem but not only you can also be used on many other blockchain such as Tron such as hyper Ledger. Really you’re making a really good investment by learning solidity, by the way I created a free email course to teach you how I got my first remote blockchain job I paid $100,000 a year so if you want to learn all my secrets you just have to sign up at this URL  so if you’re learning solidity there are a few cave yet  number one is solely DT syntax really look like JavaScript so there are many web developer who think oh I know JavaScript so I can just…

Blockchain In 7 Minutes | What Is Blockchain | Blockchain Explained Simply | Blockchain |Simplilearn

Blockchain tutorial

Ever wonder if there’s an easier way to complete transactions without having to deal with online wallets banks and third-party applications? Well it’s possible thanks to blockchain here’s everything you need to know about blockchain. Imagine four friends Jack Ted Sam and Phil meet up for dinner after they’re done Jack pays the bill and all of them decide to split the expense amongst each other, now on the next day when Phil sends his chair to Jack via online money transfer the transaction goes through without a hitch then Ted and Sam’s and their respective shares to Jack but their transactions don’t go through the failed transaction sites…

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How to Become a Blockchain Developer? Step-by-step Plan (10 steps) – Ultimate guide for beginners

Blockchain tutorial

Do you want to become a blockchain
developer? with higher salaries and reports of ethereum Dapps becoming
successful overnight and new interesting technical challenges the blockchain is
very attractive for developers however it has some pain points that might
be difficult for newcomers, for example one of the questions you might have is? where do I get started to get into blockchain what do I need to learn to become a
blockchain developed? or do I need to be a cryptography expert to make it into
the blockchain. In this video I will answer these questions and I will lay
out a step-by-step plan so you can become a blockchain developer…

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