Facebook Bans Bitcoin Crypto Ads and ICO’s

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Facebook has now cracked down on cryptocurrency ads from Bitcoin and other ICO’s. Facebook says this is done, as a safety measure to project their viewers.

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We are waking up every day to more implications of the cryptocurrency at the hands of the big elites so peanuts are starting to rise against claims of digital counterfeit, and lawsuits are being issued against influential figures a part of the schemes that have taken money from thousands and thousands of people bigwigs are starting to catch on to the unregulated cryptocurrency…

combat deceptive promotional practices so Facebook is banning all ads from loading cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and icos for facebook this move is the latest attempt to protect the integrity of its advertising platform which over the year… has been under a lot of fire for allegations of Russian tampering and false propaganda

The announcement claims that there are many companies that use Facebook’s platform to advertise financial products such as binary options cryptocurrency and icos but do so not operating in good faith.

Facebook is known to target its users with ads pertaining to the data they have collected from its social media use Facebook in turn uses this data to profit by boosting prepaid advertisements and releasing them to the public so it uses a lot of algorithms to determine if you will like certain posts or not and then they take your likes on your posts and they’ll study yourb ehavior and deliver you the similar content that you see every day as you’re scrolling through your feed.

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Facebook is also highly dominated by a big publishers who pay a lot of money to get a higher reach on Facebook, and publish their posts for that reason Facebook feels a lot more filtered and regulated, just with the ability to profit on boosting for advertisers so just how influential is Facebook,well Facebook partnered with Google owns 73 percent of all digital advertising in the US.

Over the years they have gained substantial revenue growth and control 83 percent of digital advertising profit sidenote raising money or crowdfunding using an IC L has been banned in South Korea


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