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How To Take The Headache Out Of BITCOIN IN 2020 | WHAT IS BITCOIN?

Many people have asked me the question “What is bitcoin”? People who are new to personal finance are very curious to discover what can bitcoin buy and what is a bitcoin worth. Others seem to have questions about digital currency in general, asking about everything from Litecoin to Ethereum.

In this video I discuss bitcoin. We’ll talk about bitcoin news, BTC wallet, and Coinbase. I will explain how does bitcoin works. I will tell you how much is bitcoin worth, how to buy bitcoin and bitcoin news today.

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Bitcoin Course Online Introduction

Video Transcription

Welcome to the blockchain fundamentals course I’m Jordan basic I’m a blockchain developer and I will be teaching you the fundamental concepts of blockchain development to get you started on your path as a blockchain developer as you know blockchain is becoming one of the fastest-growing and influential technologies of our time LinkedIn recently released a report that showed blockchain developer is the fastest-growing job in the US if you’re like me maybe you’re a software developer or maybe you’re a technology enthusiast who wants to become a part of the blockchain movement, perhaps you want to do some open source development or maybe you want to make a career out of it we will be exploring the fundamental concepts of the first blockchain application Bitcoin and we’ll be getting very familiar with….Watch the video for more.

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