How To Earn Crypto Passive Income 2020 Episode

Welcome to another crypto Dave video, today I’m doing the first episode so this is episode 1 of a new series is going to be crypto passive income 2020 a few people reached out to me thanks very much for your messages and your comments asking me if I could continue to do these staking updates, in particular, and I wanted to do something a little bit different new year slightly different kind of series. So this will include staking coins but also include some additional passive income streams… Watch the video for more.

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If you watched the first episode you know basically What I’m doing is looking at different passive income streams within crypto so they think that includes stuff like staking coins masternodes crypto interest accounts stuff like that and I’m doing a – weekly update so every two weeks I will do an update so if you didn’t watch the first episode if you want to watch that there’ll be a link to it below and thanks to everybody who left comments constructive criticism always happy to receive it Watch the video for more.

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Starting off this table here this first table is all staking coins. Let’s start with these and no big changes to report. The only slight changes are a bit of trading so nav coin and pivots have both had really big spikes up in price and I’ve sold those and bought back in a bit cheaper on currently are waiting for pivot should drop down to buy back in at the price I’d like but in these cases, I’m not looking to increase out my amount of either nav or pivots, those particular coins so whenever I trade these if the price spikes up substantially I will sell either all or a substantial chunk of the kinds of coins then… Watch the video for more.

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This are these first tables all state coins. In the second one I hadn’t put how much crypto I’d actually kind of investing in. These interest accounts and stuff like that as well I’ve always so added on YouTube, I hadn’t added in YouTube on the last video but I’ve popped that in now as well as from a library, as well. Starting off with the staking coins mixture of coins here’s some of these we won’t receive a lot of states or will receive failure infrequent states pivots and energy being examples, don’t own a lot of those with the case of… Watch the video for more.

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