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Awesome new Bitcoin Faucet that lets you earn BTC by watching ANY youtube video you like. Super simple and easy to use. There is even a chrome extension

I just wanted to share a new Bitcoin faucet for you which as you can see right here you can literally earn Bitcoin from watching YouTube channels.
Like any YouTube channel it's really cool so the website is bit to me and I'm obviously on here as scripted, crypto I've only just started as you can see I've only got one Satoshi so far the site is brand new so it's great time to get on so you can start earning referrals.

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This why I'm making this video and you can see is you know a few people have started beside learning from this a few people withdrawn.
I do believe the withdrawal system only just opened up yesterday or today so people are just testing out but you can see it's working, they're withdrawing money people are earning but like so the cool thing about this faucet is the fact that you can earn by watching any YouTube video and they've also got a handy Chrome extension, you can click here and go to the Chrome extension download that and then mmm when you're on YouTube you'll get a little blue bar across here let me just log out of of this.
You'll get a bar underneath your video so you can just login Krypto again okay great.
Now all I have to do is click on earn that will take me to here and I can obviously there's gonna be some ads cuz they need to earn money and all I do is press play and I just watch it 30 seconds this goes to the end of here and then I just when this goes green just click it and that's it simple.
I'll just run one through this so you can see how it works but there's nothing complicated here literally just click and play and you can watch any jus any YouTube video and who doesn't sit around watching reach the master

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