Earn 1 Bitcoin a month? Chrome Bitcoin Mining

This is crypto Charlie and I’m back for another crypt/currency video. In this video I had to stop and just make this at the spur of the moment, is just gonna revving revolutionize the way that we use Google Chrome or is this a complete scam pyramid scheme so let’s find out.

Chrome Bitcoin Mining

I guess it’s an extension yep it says I have to tap your chrome start during Bitcoin about your friends family so it’s just my personal link and make many times more money. I’m an optimistic or whatever that word is so you know optimist person or whatever so let’s let’s try this game here.

Your current balance, next tip your mining speed here or turn off key so it says we’re mining so let’s see we’re on normal.  Let’s keep it next to invite you your users by this link right here I’ll put the link in the description if you guys are interested in adding this to your google chrome tab….


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