Here’s a Quick Way to Solve Mobile Wallet Payment Which is best?

It is quite soon that cash is about to disappear completely from our society. Now you can pay by using a mobile E-wallet worldwide, this is because our smartphones are becoming more popular.

How do these E-wallets differ from each other, there are biometric solutions available with the established smartphone app. With mobile wallet scanner payment solutions, more and more business owners are offering wallet payments, even Facebook has their own app, now available in the USA. This app is called Facebook Pay, use the app to send and receive money worldwide.

Mobile payment for beginner

Which E-wallet is the right one to use depends on where you live, and what you plan to use it for, the new way of paying without cash is already a part of our daily lives, wallet users pay pretty quickly through their internet connection, there is quite a wide range of apps to choose from, or you can contact your bank, they usually have such digital services available. It is usually an extension from your regular account via your smartphone or other wallet connected to your mobile plan.

The way you can pay is by connecting your card to the service through your bank account, the app allows payment trough scanning QR code with a nearby communication field. This should be one of the most convenient ways to make payments online, using a mobile phone as a payment method makes it easy to not deal with cash or having to pay with the credit card, with mobile payments, easily scan QR CODE and your money comes directly to your bank account, also keep in mind that charges may apply when using services like E-wallet. As for Paypal, they charge up to 4% fee on international money transfers and this can be quite expensive in the long run.


Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay vs. Google Pay: Which is best?

Video transcript

Mobile payment systems want to free us from cash and cards but are they ready to replace your wallet and which one is best, this is Apple pay versus Samsung pay versus Google pay Apple and Google? use NFC or near field communication to make a payment. Where you tap your phone on a terminal most newer terminals come equipped with NFC but not all Samsung pay uses NFC and a technology called magnetic secure transmission. When you hold the phone to a terminal it sends a signal that simulates the magnetic strip on a card this means it works with older terminals and all three let you make a limited number of payments even when there’s no signal…I’ve been taking this test very seriously and only using mobile payments for about a month now, Alexi but why is that? because I lost my credit card my physical credit card is nowhere to be found….Watch the video for more.

Mobile payment online samsung

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