Despite Hype, Blockchain Is Not A ‘Utopian’ Product, Says Author Paul Vigna | CNBC

Paul Vigna, "The Truth Machine" author, discusses how blockchain technology could revolutionize the business world.
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Despite Hype, Blockchain Is Not A 'Utopian' Product, Says Author Paul Vigna | CNBC


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12 Thoughts to “Despite Hype, Blockchain Is Not A ‘Utopian’ Product, Says Author Paul Vigna | CNBC”

  1. Who is this guy? if it works? does this guy not know that bitcoin is open source so it can be tested by anyone? this is why i hate when CNBC puts some guy who thinks he understands blockchain

  2. Can't wait for the triggered Bitcucks

  3. ei, "blockchainer". bitcoin already works.

  4. This guy is just an educated stupid person…! Still underestimating Bitcoin….!

  5. If crypto exchanges get hacked, clearly blockchain ain't all safe.

  6. seems to me that blockchain is a hybrid … [email protected] (data base software) married with processing ….
    if this spreads , then look for great strides in efficiencies , fewer humans needed , the deflation machine will
    continue to grind away , the FED will be dumbfounded , …
    another way to read to the blockchain craze (corporate and government , not currency) is for CONTROL … ACCOUNTABILITY ..
    every move will be recorded ..
    Amazon is already trying to make everyone wear a special watch .. to know when you sit stand or whatever ..
    eventually , we are all going to be part of BORG … don't believe it ??? go to a Wild Wings or other restaurant with
    young people , a movie theater , a ball park , the beach … just about everyone has a wire …. with subliminal messaging,
    BANG .. somebody can control the situation… stay tuned .. it ain't gonna stop …
    where is Rod Serling ?? .. garce

  7. This guy really doesnt understand… he thinks he does like alot of people but really doesn't. Love the way they don't mention bitcoin which is the most perfect coded blockchain out of all the crypto unlike ethrium which has tons of bugs and bad code

  8. You folks keep buying them blockchains and bitcoins, I'll keep on buying the stock market.

  9. CNBC = dirty criminals, parasites who will be left behind , the only thing these maggots will work out is that they will need a new job lol you parasites are going down.

    Criminal pedophiles.

  10. I bet CNBC is going to have pretty much completely new anchors and new guests within the next 5 years, the old gaurd's intel just isn't viable anymore. Nobody is calling it a utopian product outside of the people arguing against it creating a false claim so that they can win a fake argument.

  11. … and there i thought blockchain can be part of products and now this dude tells people itself is the product. Someone needs to do some more homework and i don't think its me.

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