What Cryptocurrency You Definitely Should STAY AWAY FROM!

Today’s spam of the week is Prizm coin. A crap project since it needs to employ hundreds of russian bot accounts to abuse my previous video’s comments section. This usually never ends well, but when I looked at the coin on CMC I noticed it was also getting pumped. So… definitely stay away lol

This video was more for fun because I find it ironic how the first video I make as a comeback for my channel, I immediately get spammed by bot accounts promoting some bad coin. I’ll delete “prizm” from my community by banning…

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My name is mai kakou Berra my MacBook is fixed and based off of my last video which got demonetised for some reason but anyways I can confidently say what coin you are going to invest in, that’s right you aren’t you are not going to invest in and that is simply based off the comments.

Spams of the interwebs

So the last time I have had this size of spam was with deep onion and actually with deep onion we got in touch and I told them hey you can’t do this because they were saying to their subscribers to their forum followers to spam the interwebs and get the deep bonding comments everywhere on every single crypto video.

This video had 400 views and I very rarely have this happen right so we have a lot of likely spam comments right…



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