Cryptocurrency Price Manipulation Is ‘Unavoidable’ | CNBC

Regulators should work to form coherent regulation for digital currency exchanges.
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Cryptocurrency Price Manipulation Is ‘Unavoidable’ | CNBC


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10 Thoughts to “Cryptocurrency Price Manipulation Is ‘Unavoidable’ | CNBC”

  1. Ignore the mainstream media FUD… Buy Bitcoin!!!

  2. Of course there is a lot manipulation in an unregulated market, but it's irrelevant if you buy and hold. The price eventually reaches the true price. A lot of people have made millions by ignoring the manipulation, just buying and holding what they believed in.

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  4. Buy Altcoins nurture them show them love by not selling for 6 months to a year then use that money to buy bitcoin. Bitcoin for now boys muah bitcoin muah lol I own 0 bitcoin but have alt coins like stellar, power ledger, BAT, simple token, Quantstamp, etcc You gotta pick coins that have moderate to high volume . Unless you gamble with ICOs which the US is trying to regulate and rightfully so. Anyhow, go checkout out any coins that are red right now (-30% it higher are pump and dumps) scams for short. It takes exceptionally bad news like a hack for it to justify a coin being red in a green market which is flourishing atm

  5. C B

    This is the planning and what's in store for the world:

  6. K V

    #TheFutureIsDigiByte. Digibyte, the next bitcoin…better.

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