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 This is is Eric of investing apps TV and today I’m bringing you some news. I heard today about the cash app and buying and selling Bitcoin instantly through it so about a week or two ago.

The cash app did announce that you can sell some users could sell Bitcoin on the app but just today they announced that most users can buy and sell.

Now instantly on the cash app and I’ll show you how to do that in just a bit, there are five states that are currently excluded from this but I’ll get into that.

Also in just a bit so I heard this announcement this morning on their Twitter feed actually at Cash app where they announced you can now buy and sell Bitcoin instantly with the cash app so that’s a pretty cool. I’m always interested in exploring additional new ways to access cryptocurrency.

If you aren’t sure what the cash app is I wasn’t either myself I just actually downloaded the app to my phone…

This afternoon because it’s actually an app that you can use to pay friends instantly….

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