Cryptocurrencies Are Booming In South Korea | CNBC

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Cryptocurrency trading in South Korea is surging but there are regulations that could come from the Korean government.
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Cryptocurrencies Are Booming In South Korea | CNBC


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7 Thoughts to “Cryptocurrencies Are Booming In South Korea | CNBC”

  1. It’s was the end of the world two weeks ago make your mind up

  2. Good to see a healthy cryptosphere in Korea

  3. Asia is always ahead of the curve in technology. BUY BITCOIN NOW before the "real" bull run begins!!!

  4. Butcorn's just a debit card but has no security. What's the #1 advantage versus a debit card?

  5. They couldn't give two hoots about block chain. They just want profits and are gamblers , big ones at that.

  6. T S

    Bold faced lie about them banning Cryptocurrency.

  7. 상기형이 이 글을 싫어합니다

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