Crypto, Blockchain And The Changing Landscape Of Finance | CNBC

CNBC's Melissa Lee sits down with John Burbank, Passport Capital Founder and chief investment officer, to discuss the future of crypto and blockchain technology.
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Crypto, Blockchain And The Changing Landscape Of Finance | CNBC


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25 Thoughts to “Crypto, Blockchain And The Changing Landscape Of Finance | CNBC”

  1. Home mining and decentralized democratized mining will change everything this year. Mining Program is leading the way.

  2. Crypto is the key word here … like cryptozoology.

  3. God announced today that the streets in heaven will not be paved with gold; rather #Ripple #XRP will be used to pave the streets of heaven. The market responds; I don't know #XRP is just not traded on Coinbase. #XRP drops to .89 cents with a sigh.

  4. B52

    Smart dude, other than the Bcash thing.

  5. How many BitCoins are needed to create a Crypto Dollar ?

  6. Treason: Aiding the enemy in state of war
    Bitcoin is a SYSTEM, and Bitcoin's enemy are Bankers and their corrupt monopoly of Fiat money.
    So, its clear that Bitcoin Core & Blockstream have committed treason against Bitcoin, because:

    – they were bribed by bankers (this is no secret, Blockstream are heavily funded by banking institutions, in tens of millions of US$)
    – they sabotaged usability of Bitcoin in BTC by not allow Bitcoin system in BTC to scale and instead they want to force people into using 3rd party centralised side chains, ie the Lighting Network, which works nothing like Bitcoin system.
    – they (and their associates) censor free speech & use propaganda against true Bitcoin supporters (those that want to scale on Bitcoin system, ie On-chain) all of which have moved to Bitcoin Cash now.

    Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin
    SegWit and Lighting are not

    please head to Reddit r/btc (or my channel) to learn more

  7. Get on XRP Ripple. BTC will double by May, ETH will be 4x, XRP will be 10x

  8. this is why we are seeing a fall….. making the way with fud so investors can get a good position in crypto. HODL people

  9. The moment you start seeing universities start teaching about the 'blockchain' and cryptocurrencies, then get ready for the next few years, for when those students in blockchain and cryptocurencies graduate and change the world with their ideas.

  10. If you are holding bcash and eth, you have also not put the time into understanding the crypto space. LN and Sidechains will end all alts.

  11. Bitcoin is the future.. use it to know it

  12. I like how he mentioned bitcoin/blockchain are global and will grow much faster then we are use to. We are use to innovation within our countries but this is innovation that's literally everywhere at once. Technology has never been growing as fast as it is now and bitcoin opened up Pandora's box to revolutionize the way we use money!

  13. This is getting super fun 🙂

  14. EOS

    I like the part where he goes….Im not trying to promote anything….BUT….SBI holdings…. They hold Ripple…and now thats something that has considerable value. The writing is on the wall folks, dont be left behind.

  15. bitcoin has no value and blockchain is a useless technology please stop talking about magic money

  16. Bitcoin needs to die. It is old technology and is holding back more promising cryptos.

  17. He has a big investment in Overstock (OSTK). Literally the only public company with a quality blockchain portfolio

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