How To Create Bitcoin Wallet With Blockchain World’s Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet

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If you want to store bitcoins, you need a Bitcoin wallet. There are lots of ways to get a free wallet. My favorite is blockchain, it’s web-based so it looks like your online banking plus it can sync with your smartphone or tablet.

Here’S how to set up a blockchain wallet, go to click wallet. Then click start a new wallet choose a password of 10 characters or more fill in a CAPTCHA and click continue.

Note your identifier password and the pneumonic device that appears you can use this to recover your wallet so store it somewhere safe.

That’s it login with your new identifiers and – password and? You’Re? Ready? To? Send? And! Receive, Bitcoin? Sync? Your blockchain, wallet? With! Your smartphone, or! Tablet! By downloading, the app, and following! The directions; blockchains wallet; has great; tools? Built-In; shared? Coin!


For example, offers trustless coin mixing and shared sends routes transactions through a shared wallet for increased privacy. You can add to security by having a special code sent to your phone. In addition to your regular password, Google Authenticator works great for this.

It’s free and doesn’t require an internet connection in order to authenticate a password plus it works on a smartphone or tablet, be your own bank at

How To Create Bitcoin Wallet With Blockchain World's Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet 1

How To Create Bitcoin Wallet With Blockchain World's Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet 2

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