Coronavirus Impacts On Cashless Society, Cryptocurrency

Is the coronavirus a way for the government elite to speed up the process of allowing society to go cashless in the future? By causing fear of the spread of the virus, which could now also be infected through coins and banknotes … and also prohibit and say that it is illegal to use cash? Then it would be appropriate for the cryptocurrency at this point to exist as a rescue and a solution via the spread.

The Government Goal, One World Currency

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Coronavvirus  is the perfect blackout as it seems that the government elite goal is to create a one-world currency where they get the opportunity to implant microchip in people, and then people have to pay for their goods in that way. This would seem like a conspiracy, but when you see what society looks like today and most of it is digitalized, with the virus breakout people are warned to stay at home, get an education and do everyday shopping online, it is not necessary to go out anymore, it’s like being caught without even knowing about it. And all these services require access to the internet and unfortunately in the future, we may have to give up our private lives in order to access the internet.
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