Convert Your Gift Cards To Bitcoin With CoinCola

Cryptocurrency is still very much the talk of the town and for good reason. The prospect of a secure currency that isn’t reliant on traditional channels such as financial institutions, is one that millions around the world are in favour of and now you can join that revolution as well. One-stop Cryptocurrency OTC trading desk, CoinCola gives users the ability to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin – among others – just like a regular exchange would but there is one key difference that we think locals will find rather interesting. CoinCola also allows users to buy […]

Coincola Review: How to Buy and Sell Cryptos and Gifts Cards on CoinCola

Coincola All you need to Know About the Powerful Exchange 548x365 Convert Your Gift Cards To Bitcoin With CoinCola

This is Jude from Nigeria Bitcoin community and in this video I’ll be talking about coin cola its services and I will also demonstrate how to trade in the exchange. Coin Cola is a crypto currency exchange, that was launched in Hong Kong and in turn SST it has over 1 million users from over 140 COUNTRIES, its services include OCC which stands for over-the-counter.

It is really buy and served occurrences with your local currency the exchange is where you draped cryptocurrency PS and the walnuts is waste or your critical incidents coin color also has an app in the Apple Store and Google Play Store so enable you trade more poignantly and on the go.

While she is Coin cola well it is fast you can back up the crisis instantly also them instantly it is safe and secure you treat our customers first and the fees are low at any point you need to contact on color you click on help…

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