Never Suffer From Complete tasks on websites and add free Bitcoins to your wallet Again

The complete guide on add free Bitcoins to your wallet

There are a number of websites which come with the idea for earning free Bitcoins in exchange for some task. Many of these sites work on the principle that helps you to earn a little number of Bitcoins just by going through the site. It is something like watching a number of ads one after the other and getting what you want (maybe music clips or a film), somewhere in between. It is Easy to Add free bitcoins.
While opting for such sites, remember that the return on investment that you are getting might be very little. Here, you are investing your precious time to go through these advertising sites. Here are some interesting portals which are worth trying:

BitVisitor: Here you get to earn coins simply by watching videos or websites.  Every page
appears for a period of five minutes, following which you can click on the ‘Next’ button and move over to the subsequent page.
The payouts will take about an hour to come to you, which is a major competitive edge of this site in comparison to others. All you need to do is enter the Bitcoin address, a user account is also not required. For every five minutes of your online stay here, you are paid around µBTC 100 (which is roughly equivalent to BTC 0.00001 or 100 micro coins). Going by this calculation, the hourly payment amounts to the amount of BTC 0.00012. However, there may be variations in payments of this per five-minute basis. (

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Add Free Bitcoins

Freedigitalmoney: This site enables you to obtain rewards in the form of Bitcoins for making purchases with these digital currencies. Here also, a user account is not required, but you are simply required to enter the Bitcoin address for getting started. ( Home)

Coin Worker: This site offers Bitcoins in exchange for completion of analytical tasks. Here you need to possess a user account and the good news is that the payouts are a bit higher. (https://coinworker. com/)

Here is a Full list of Bitcoin Free Faucets. Enjoy getting some free bitcoins just by visiting websites.

Although the income is not huge, completing website tasks can be a great and enjoyable option, and it will help you generate some amount of Bitcoins. You will also learn by hands on experience, the transferring around of Bitcoin and that is a great insight too.


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