Chase Bank Is TERRIBLE! – Class Action Lawsuit (PPP + Stimulus Check Scandal)

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I got my Chase bank account frozen with $728.07 inside.. more than enough to live very comfortably for 1 month in Poland. Realistically, that would pay 3 months of my rent + for 2 grocery shopping trips. And this is happening to THOUSANDS of Americans who are abroad every month. Some get $50K frozen! But during this pandemic, it’s WAY worse because there’s shorter times to call in, LONG wait lines, bad call connection because reps are working from home or there’s less of them, branches are closed or on limited time, and overall there’s a giant influx of calls about the stimulus checks or PPP loans that didn’t get approved. It’s one big mess, and Chase is embroiled in a big class action lawsuit because tens of thousands of Americans and small businesses cannot get their money which is dearly needed currently. Chase bank alongside other large American banks are screwing over many citizens who aren’t wealthy.

This is why crypto is needed. You need control over YOUR money. Money in the bank isn’t your money.. not until you take it out. I can’t. Mine is frozen. There’s many others in a similar situation. And it’s not just Chase bank, so it’s not like I can just close my account and switch to another bank. Crypto is the way folks. It’s not full-proof and perfect 100%, but it makes things easier. Next video will be on the Bitcoin Halving in May!

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