Blockpass Launches Token Distribution Event

Blockpass Launches Token Distribution Event

blockpass the blockchain based identity application which gives users total control over their own personal data, is pleased to announce that it has today launched its initial token distribution event TDE through the sale of tokens.

Self-sovereign identity platform

Past tokens which will be available for purchase from official distributors from the 31st of May 2018 until the 30th of November 2018 block pass is an identity application for regulated services and the Internet of Things IOT as a self-sovereign identity platform.

Users can establish verify store and manage their identities maintaining full control over all data involved with an initial focus on human identity block pass will provide a reliable and cost-effective no your customer KYC and anti-money laundering AML service for regulated industries,s blockchain merchants and service providers available on iOS and Android.

The Blockpass APIs consumer-oriented and will enable users to create a new account profile submit documents for verification submit their digital identity to service providers to pass KYC login to bluff pass enabled services sign crypto asset transactions and access third-party decentralized application steps.

Block pass has published its white paper which can be found on the company’s website  the past token will be an e 20 base token block pass will issue a finite number of 1 billion pass tokens of which 250 million pass tokens will be available for purchase during the initial TV from authorized distributors…

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