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From the author of Mind Hacking and founder of Bitcoin Market Journal comes the first book to explain the money-making secrets behind bitcoin and blockchain in a user-friendly format. When John Hargrave first invested in cryptocurrency, the price of a single bitcoin was about $125; a few years later, that same bitcoin was worth $20,000. He wasn’t alone: this flood of new money is like the early days of the Internet, creating a new breed of “blockchain billionaires.” Sir John has unlocked their secrets. In Blockchain for Everyone , Sir John reveals the formula for investing in bitcoin and blockchain, using real-life stories, easy-to-understand examples, and a healthy helping of humor. Packed with illustrations, Blockchain for Everyone explains how (and when) to buy bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain assets, with step-by-step instructions. Blockchain for Everyone is the first blockchain investing book written for the layperson: a guide that helps everyone understand how to build wealth wisely. It’s the new investing manifesto

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John Hargrave

Reviews “For anyone wanting to invest in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, Blockchain for Everyone is filled with practical advice on how to build a fortune without betting the farm. Highly recommended.” -Adam Williams, cofounder of World Crypto Conference,

“If you’re looking to invest in blockchain, this book provides an excellent framework for valuing everything from companies to cryptocurrencies. If you’re not looking to invest in blockchain, this book will change your mind.” -Rob Frasca, cofounder and managing partner of COSIMO Ventures,

“A walk through both the risks and rewards of blockchain investing, wrapped up in a powerful story that keeps you engaged and interested.” -Simon Cocking, chief editor of Irish News and CryptoCoinNews,

“I’ve been called the ‘Bitcoin Queen,’ so I can confidently decree that Sir John has written a blockchain book fit for royalty.” -Olga Feldmeier, CEO/Founder, SMART VALOR,

“Walks you through both the risks and rewards of blockchain investing, wrapped up in a powerful story that keeps you engaged and interested.” -Simon Cocking, Chief Editor, Irish Tech News and CryptocoinNews,

“A mad journey on the roller coaster of blockchain and crypto, with failures, riches and tech talk wrapped in fantastic storytelling–this is not your ordinary blockchain book.” -Stephen P. Williams, author of Blockchain: The Next Everything,

“This book can be enjoyed on two levels: it’s a page-turning story about personal transformation and it also shows how blockchain technology will transform the world.” -Navroop Sahdev, Connection Science Fellow at MIT,

“If you weren’t lucky enough to sail the first wave of blockchain investments, this book will certainly navigate you through the next leg of the journey.” -Richard Kastelein, Managing Director, Token.Agency and Publisher, Blockchain News, “A Hunter Thompson-like view of the personalities, foibles, schemes, hopes, aspirations, and trials of the crypto-craze. It also provides useful insights and tutorials into the functioning of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and where they might go in the future.” -John H. Clippinger, coeditor of From Bitcoin to Burning Man and Beyond,

“An early dot-com millionaire, the first half of the book chronicles Sir John’s rise as a blockchain investor during the great Blockchain Boom of 2017, followed by his stomach-churning losses during the Crypto Winter of 2018. For those who lived through it, it’s a terrific retelling of this time in blockchain history.” – The Merkle,

“Through his riches-to-rags-to-riches story, Sir John shows what it takes to be a true startup hero.” -Tim Draper, founder and managing partner of Draper Associates, “In an age of misinformation, this book provides a raw and honest look at blockchain technology, and how it will transform everything from journalism to advertising.” -Dan Kinsley, chief technology officer of Civil Media Company,

“The entrepreneurial journey stretches the human spirit. It is filled with dizzying highs and challenging lows, continually surprising us with its twists and turns. This book masterfully captures this journey as Sir John sets out to build a business in the brave new world of blockchain.” -Dr. Stephen Spinelli Jr., president of Babson College,

“This book should be required reading of every financial planner–and their clients.” -Peter Pavlina, founder and managing principal of Hamersley Partners


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