Bitcoin’s Value Is About To EXPLODE! Why? Fed Printing Cash

With the Federal Reserve Printing Money LIKE CRAZY Combined with SMART MONEY Buying… Bitcoin’s Price Is Set To EXPLODE (in the next several years). HERE IS WHY!

Video transcript

Welcome back everybody to Altcoin daily my name is Aaron let’s jump into this. A lot is happening in the world today the Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell went on 60 minutes just last night to assure the American people that they have flooded the system with money banks are safe, your money is safe and the Fed can print as much money as they need to to get us out of this.

Watch this simply flooded the system with money, we did that’s another way to think about it, where does it come from, Do you just print it? we print it digitally so we know as a central bank have the ability to create money digitally and we do that by buying Treasury bills or bonds or other government-guaranteed securities.

An act that actually increases the money supply, we also print actual currency and we distribute that through the Federal Reserve Banks, is it fair to say you simply flooded the system with money? Yes, we did, that’s another way to think about it, where did it come from, do you just print it? We print it digitally. Look guys it is a fact in times like this many people look to hard assets to store their wealth for comparison the financial crisis of 2008 Federal Reserve around this time printing tons of USD has caused a lot of people to move their money into hard assets like gold-

You can see here although gold dipped with everything else in 2008 it was one of the first to recover and went on almost a three-year bull run a lot of smart people recognize this. For instance Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki. You already know this guy came out either it was this year or last year he came out as a big Bitcoin bull, well after everything the feds been doing he has reaffirmed his investment and hard assets like Bitcoin gold and silver.

He tweeted this economy dying fed incompetent the next bailout trillions in pensions hope fading bought more gold silver and bit Gold is at 1700 I predicted to be at 3000 in one year silver is at $17, I predicted to be at $40.00, in five years bitcoin is at 9800, I’ve predicted to be at 75,000 in three years pray for the best prepare for the worst look we have never seen so many notable people as we have in 2020 come out publicly in support of Bitcoin or investing in Bitcoin in referring to it, not just as some you know what is Bitcoin referring to it as a hedge as a store of value as digital gold treating it like hard money.

Robert Kiyosaki thinks a seventy-five thousand Bitcoin in three years is reasonable and the reason people, I think are coming out more and more talking about Bitcoin because a lot of people recognize that bitcoins bottom is in Bitcoin is in a bull market, once again and if you do the math it’s very reasonable to think that Bitcoin will be at a fifty to a hundred thousand price point in the future.

I like this clip researcher Tirta Meester fifty to a hundred thousand price target is not insane given how crazy the money printing is, the question is what will the dollar be worth but in terms of like where that could bring us for the price, I wouldn’t be surprised if this cycle this bull market which now we’re back in a bull market I think you know for sure three-four thousand dollars was the bottom, I don’t think we’ll go below six thousand again I mean I think a price target of like fifty…Watch the video for more.

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