Bitcoin’s Approaching $12,000! (2017/2020 THROWBACK SIMILARITIES)

has hit over ten thousand dollars now it’s ten thousand twenty-three and ninety cents and approaching higher values. My name is Mike Ravi thanks so much for joining the channel today definitely stay tuned for this one as is approaching a 400 billion dollar market cap and it’s unstoppable alongside and the thousands of other cryptocurrencies out there.

Now I’ve made mention to steam it to , to ethereum, to Ripple to Litecoin to all these coins way way way before I even had a crypto channel, but if you haven’t subscribed to my crypto channel, definitely check it out. Its Kubera link will be down in the description below same with my Instagram, so uh yeah definitely follow me on there anyway, let’s get into the video all right.

I see that the brightness uh we could kind of adjust with that, a little bit that it’s better to earn Bitcoins than investing into it. Now someone was confused in the comments the other day, they’re like it’s the same thing. Well, if Bitcoin goes down and you’re earning bitcoins, you’re, suddenly gonna be making less money.

That is right, and that is why you should be putting off a little bit into fiat currency, diversifying into ethereum into monero into litecoin into these other coins and gold and silver and buying land and just as much diversification as possible. So you have high-risk investments with low-risk investments, so when the kind of the high-risk investment of fail during a bad bearish market, because it’s not going to be like exploding anymore and everybody’s, like oh, my god, funding all over the place.

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At least you prepared yourself so you’re not freaking out so over the next couple of months if you’re interested in , and you want to make money if you want to makeover six figures a year.

The first thing you need to do is research and know what you’re talking about be an expert and then once you have one good thing, one good thing: we don’t want to attack Bitcoin because Bitcoin is giant. I don’t know like more than 10 about Bitcoin. You know, I don’t know the actual technical aspects of that and the mining I’ve never mined before in my entire life, and I have no intention to mine like none.


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