Bitcoin Will One Day Be Worth 40 Times Price It Is Now: Gemini Exchange’s Cameron Winklevoss | CNBC

Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of the Gemini Exchange, says bitcoin will “disrupt gold”.
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Bitcoin Will One Day Be Worth 40 Times Price It Is Now: Gemini Exchange’s Cameron Winklevoss | CNBC


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42 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Will One Day Be Worth 40 Times Price It Is Now: Gemini Exchange’s Cameron Winklevoss | CNBC”

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  2. Bitcoin -store of value – Digibyte – rapid currency with security and scalability.

  3. Finally a show I can watch on CNBC good job guys

  4. Support bitcoin so they can become super rich when they sell. This video was made when there was no regulation on manipulating the price of bitcoin in the USA. Currently bitcoin is categorized as a commodity and of course, regulated. If bitcoin becomes a currency, it's going to get even more regulated and a lot less volatile.

    There are a few compelling reasons to support bitcoin. Like these twins, they are want to get rich and sell before it gets heavily regulated. You want to evade taxes and launder money. We already have digital currency that worked in Venezuela. People came up with digital currency before in other countries. Everyone who supports bitcoin claims to be excited about blockchain and its uses. Well, there are over thousands of companies developing their own blockchain technology. How is bitcoin's blockchain better than the rest?

    People say these twins are visionaries. Well, the facebook idea is another knock off of TheGlobe, Geocities, Friendster, and MySpace. Zuck was smart enough and crooked enough to cheat these two guys out of their idea. The twins would have never made facebook as successful as today. Zuck made facebook a successful company. These two guys will not become "and" remain as billionaires/trillionaires off of bitcoin.

    When bitcoin was around $10K a coin, Buffet wished the market had a 5 year put option. LMFAO. That's why Buffett knows about investing than all of us.

  5. More like 40000 x when dollar collapse again


  7. that would be horrible a cryptocurrency that makes the collective poor but a small pyramid of miners rich, of which manay steal electricity in developing countries.

  8. ECA, Electra coin is the future

  9. I think to give bitcoin value they should make it so only people who own bitcoins can mine bitcoin. That way bitcoins are necessary to profit from the pay system. Or make it that every bitcoin pays a small dividend from the payment system.

  10. So many ignorant and clueless individuals in the comments. If you choose to miss out on this revolution, you will deeply and unfortunately regret your ignorance in the long term. I am and have been siding with the Winklevoss twins. Haven't been disappointed. All these individuals who are annoyed or frustrated with cryptocurrency's are sheep who fell into FOMO and bought everyone at or near all time highs and have lost a substantial % of their investments. Don't blame anyone else for your inability to do your own research and applying your own judgement rather than greed trying to capitalize. Sorry but, truth hurts people. These guys know exactly what they're doing and they aren't going anywhere.

  11. The people watch a bad movie and think it's the reality 😂… Zuck didn't steal anything from them.

  12. H K

    What a great speaker, Mark Zuckerberg should take some tips

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  14. good peice. ur still fake news

  15. awesome video tho but i think no system can be like Mr Alisons mining system,i earn over 0.5 in just 2 weeks, you will enjoy his system, contact him through his mail address( for more info on how to mine you will thank me later

  16. Very interesting project on the development of human nature, the study of human consciousness. Oris.Space. Joined the company's bounty, everything is automated, very interesting to participate.

  17. Yes he will always say that bitcoin is undervalued even in the short-term because he owns a lot of them and wants the price to increase.

  18. Bitcoin and Crypto is going to Zero. Ita worthless Junk!

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    Western Union
    Crypto wallet
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  20. bitcoin in my opinion is a fools fantasy.. and will end soon. cash in while you still can..

  21. why would people mass adopt a currency thats value is so volatile? Its use case is dependent on a more stable and fixed valuation. Which will never happen without corporate backing. Its over for bitcoin they should have sold at the top. blockchain will be utilized in industry and and eventually governments will adopt this technology to create their own coins. bitcoins value will continue to fluctuate, it's just a way for whales to get money from in-experienced, gullible naive millennials.

  22. I don't agree with a 40x. XRP ripple and NPXS pundix are much better investments in 2018 …

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  24. Except crypto currency can't be taxed and tax is the cost of civilisation. Sorry but this is a total fail for those that don't understand how the real world works and how to maximise our potential. Also – It's not just about you or me but us and although I may hate aspects of you I have to respect the parts that make a civilisation.

  25. real question…. which winkle is geyer

  26. hearing Bordain lost it all trading bitcon, explains the exit stage left

  27. He didn’t mention is also hackable

  28. Bitcoin is durable? Really, these guys are lost

  29. Pat

    hahahahahaahaahah (june 29, 2018)

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  31. No it won't. It creates speculative/market bubble without real inherent Intrinsical value. Someday the bubble will burst leading to market crash.

  32. join Bitclub and get paid daily.

  33. Well said. Great explanation!

  34. Bitcoin is crap. Its got no eco system to support its value. Its a poor store of value

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