Bitcoin VD Arrested In Japan – Dealing With Bitcoins Worth Of Millions At MitGox

When the switch company MtGox applied for bankruptcy, 850,000 bitcoins worth almost SEK 2 billion was missing in today’s value.
Now ex-president: A Mark Karpeles, 30, has been arrested in Japan. The Tokyo-based stock exchange MtGox was one of the largest companies dealing with the digital currency bitcoin before applying for bankruptcy in February.While bankruptcy stopped all withdrawals from MtGox, they found that they lacked 850,000 bitcoins worth close to two billion, the BBC said. May have falsified data. Then Karpeles stated that they had been affected by software and that hackers had “plundered” their digital vaults, AFP writes. Since then, 200,000 bitcoins have been recovered, according to Karpeles, in a “forgotten old digital wallet”, which may mean, for example, a memory stick with the codes that represent the currency.

Bitcoin millions Lost

On Saturday morning, local time, the 30-year-old Frenchman was arrested in Japan and, according to local media, he should be suspected of falsifying data and thus transferring money to his own account, according to CNN.


According to police suspicions, he will have flattened closer to 8.6 million.
“He created false information that a million dollars were transferred to the account when it did not actually happen,” the Japanese police said in a message, the New York Times writes.
Denies all debt

If there is a connection between the missing bitcoins and the money that Mark Karpeles is accused of having been unclear, according to AP.
At the moment it is unclear whether there will be further charges against the 30-year-old, AP writes.
Karpeles lawyer has released a press release saying that charges against the 30-year-old are fake and that he denies all debt, according to CNN.

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