Bitcoin currency at record level – so much could you have earned

The digital currency bitcoin has never been stronger. Those who thought that the internet-based and anonymous payment method, which was very hyped but then declared dead, had been buried for good, may now reconsider.

Bitcoin currency

Bitcoin has just reached its highest listing since its introduction in 2009 – almost $ 1,350 – after rising three percent in one day and tripling its value over the past year. The reason is believed that the bitcoin currency has gained a much stronger attachment in Japan, where traders began accepting bitcoins as a payment method, writes Svenska Dagbladet.

You have earned so much

When the bitcoin was new it was also very cheap, but the price increased explosively when people saw the benefit of being able to make anonymous purchases – including buying drugs.
Sure, there are people who earned incredible sums by being out early; Among other things, a Norwegian man who invested around SEK 230 in bitcoins in 2009 but forgot them until 2013 when he realized that he now had 8 640 856 kronor at his disposal.

The statistics and analysis company Knoema, which compiled graphics showing the currency’s travel from 2009 to today, also shows very much the same turn as the Norwegian, but can dream – a person who had invested a few kronor in a bitcoin 2009 could have sold the same yet , Bitcoin for almost 12,000 kronor today.

Bitcoin currently has an upward trend in Europe, China and the United States, but especially Japan. Image Source: Eric Gay / TT
Not only gold and green forests
But that bitcoin is a simple and safe way to wealth is to exaggerate.
– Bitcoin can be extremely volatile. The price can either be doubled or halved and it can be done as quickly as possible, says Marketing Manager at XBT Provider Christoffer De Geer to Svenska Dagbladet.
At the moment, bitcoins spin around 25 billion in cyberspace, writes Norrländska Socialdemokraten.

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