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I have a question about choosing a wallet I have been using Copay on my iPhone for a while. Then someone said, Oh, you are using Copay. When I started using this wallet, I didn’t even know the relationship. Then I used Trezor someone told me, Oh then you must hate Cash. When I started using the wallet, I didn’t even realize that I felt like I was involved in these arguments. In a way, Do you have any suggestions for this situation, how to find and choose a wallet that matches my own cryptocurrency philosophy, or run a complete node directly [Andreas]? I struggle with this every day. Not only do I have to choose a wallet for myself, but I often need to recommend a wallet to newbies. The standards are usually different.

My wallet of choice tends to have 150 adjustable knobs And the parameters that I can highly customize If my wallet is not supported by my own full node, what a wallet!, [contemptuous gesture] For a novice. I only said three meaningless words: “RBF” “Tor” and “node” [laughter], That wallet [, probably], is not for novices. I [may] recommend another. This is a difficult choice.


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Most importantly, this is a choice that changes every three months, at least for me, The entire industry is constantly evolving. What used to be a good wallet is no longer good. The wallet that used to conform to my principles no longer adhere to the principles. I agree with that were once considered: safe is no longer safe. What I want to do is change my wallet often In about a year. I will switch my main mobile wallet. Petty cash daily wallet, My long-term storage system is not a hardware wallet, but a piece of paper.

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That’s another matter. It can stay static for several years. As far as the daily wallet I use broadcast transactions to in the network, I will keep trying and re-evaluate frequently to see if they can keep up with technological development. Now one of my criteria is: If it does not support SegWit, then I don’t want to use it If SegWit is not supported. The transaction fee is too expensive. For me, I need SegWit to get the fee discount If your wallet does not support SegWit. I am not interested in using it. This means that I currently do not have a mobile wallet.

None of them support SegWit. Sometimes you have to tolerate differences. What I can tell you is that no matter which wallet you choose, you are obviously not a traitor of a certain faction. The wrong choice means not because you made a mistake, but because you … Maliciously attempting to destroy a healthy network and was bought by the CIA.  I’ve never worked in a place where the circular firing squad is always fully automatic. No matter what choice you make, almost everyone who has no choice will criticize you

This is not a game of winners and losers. You need to judge for yourself. I don’t pay much attention to those things. You just need to try your best to explore in a very complex and dramatic environment.









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